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Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman is a programmer, teacher, speaker, technologist, podcaster, writer, diversity advocate and more.

4th January 2018, 7:00 pm

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Hi Scott, What's the best thing about working at Microsoft in 2018? The company has seen a lot of changes in the way they handle open source lately.

Is it the good time to work for Microsoft for an open source enthusiast?

I came here 10 years ago specifically to open source as much as I could. While the first 7 or 8 years were difficult, recently it's become extremely easy to open source things at Microsoft. I would even say that things are now "open by default," which is huge compared to closed by default. We have people who used Macs as their main machine full time, as well as people who work exclusively in Linux. It's definitely a good time for open source in Microsoft.

HI Scott! First of all, I am a huge fan of you, thanks for helping me in ways you directly don't know!

I have a simple question: how's your workflow? I mean, you blog, program, postcast, do talks, work at Microsoft, work with open source, and still have time for family and children. How can this be even possible? :) How you make your days so productive?

I schedule a lot of things, including time for blog posts. we take time to schedule our days for meetings, so it makes sense to schedule time to blog or code. There's time on my calendar for this AMA, just as there's "delete email" after this. ;) I also try to multitask when possible, so I do email while on the treadmill, or do coding projects with my kids. Google "hanselman productivity" for my full videos on this topic.

What are the 3 qualities of a good programmer, according to you?

Hey Scott, thanks for the AMA!

What was the inspiration behind you writing your upcoming book, Relationship Hacks - Pragmatic Tips and Concrete Tricks for Navigating a Mixed (Geek/Normal) Marriage? 😄

I see a lot of people in "mixed" relationships that think that techies can talk a certain way to regular folks. Those communications challenges are very common so I thought I'd write up how my wife and I move past them.

How long do you think transpiling to ES5 will take to be regarded as obsolete?

No, I think we'll just shift to compiling to WASM

😊What's the best advice you would give to a 20 years old Scott Hanselman?

It'll be fine. Relax. Be more flexible. Shut up.

Hi Scott, Thanks for the AMA. I am an avid follower of your work.

Do you think web development is going to vanish in the coming years? 😃

Absolutely not, I have always said that the open web will win. I think with the new discussion of PWAs being built into Windows and the rise of Electron, we'll see that the web is - and will be - stronger than ever.

Hello Scott,

Do you think higher degrees like MS matter in joining a big tech company?

I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask, as I only have a 4 year degree. I do wish I'd gotten an MBA or a CompSci PhD, That's because I want the knowledge, not because I think it would change my career. I think a 4 year degree is pretty important in the first 5 years of one's career. After that, less so. Masters are always nice, but not necessary.

Hi Scott,

I am approaching 2 years as a full-stack .Net dev (with Angular 2 and Knockout front-end). What would you spend the next 2 years learning if you were me?

I'd get as deep into JavaScript/ES6 as possible. I think vanilla JS is more important than the frameworks on top of them.

Even C# being a much better language still its community is small comparatively. What is your opinion why is it so?

Why do you think its community is small? It's several million people.

Compared to JAVA community it's still very small no?

Hey Scott, Have you some ideas for C# and WebAssembly? you think more languages will compile to wasm in the next future?

I think everyone will compile to WASM in the future. There are already prototypes of C# doing this (Blazor).

Hi Scott, is there anything you can share about the roadmap for IIS and ASP.NET running on full Framework? Will these platforms continue to get new features?

There's been (and will be) updates and improvements. Here's some just a few months ago

Creating Restfull services with mvc still hard and so mutch boilerplate any plane to makeit easy like Strongloop Loopback on nodejs world? still remember how it was easy with WCF RIA service (on silverlight )

Hi Scott, in your option what is the most difficult step in a open source project ?

Getting people to use it. Writing docs Having more than one person work on it

Hi, Scott Hanselman; Could you please suggest some Best Open Source Language (Front-End, Back-End), Framework, DB, Cloud Offerings for a Video Library plus(+) Video Chat App(WebApp+MobileApp). THX. :-)

From StackOverflow to Quora, there're fierce discussions about Javascript (ES6+) precedence over Java and I've partake to it, supporting ES6+ while praising JAVA elegance in syntax (I think TypeScript is the living proof).

How do you see evolving of these two technologies in tomorrow Web? How will they fit each other and each within the Web?

Hi Scott!

  • What's your take on Blockchain technology?
  • Do you think Crypto has the potential to change a lot of things?
  • A distributed ledger is hugely useful, But I think it's going to take a few years before we see a winner. I would be more interested in blockchain as a service.
  • It already has! But I assume you're referring to cryptocurrency. I need to understand what the actual value behind the currency represents. Right now cryptocurrency has value only because we decided that it does.

Why Most of the Investment Banks are not using .Net and C# for thier projects. Most recently they are moving more towards JVM and Kotlin. Also how so you see sticking to being C# and developer will hold future.

When I was working in banking there was a lot of .net and C#, especially on the East Coast. I'm not seeing a massive move to the JVM. Happy to chat about this on twitter if you can give some links.

I'm happy with using .net because it lets me write code that will run effectively anywhere. I did my time with Java in the 90s. I haven't spent much time with Kotlin.

Hi Scott,

Please, what is your view on mobile apps from .NET/Microsoft stack point of view? Do you think .NET will be a strong contender for Android/iOS mobile apps programming?

I hope so, particularly because I like that I can use the .NET platform on both the back end and in the frontend. However, Kotlin is a strong contender as well on the Android side.

Hi scott do you prefer react or angular

What advice would you have for convincing management of the benefits of migrating to ASP.NET Core, particularly when the company has spent the last few years completing a large ASP.NET 4.7 project?

It depends on the business problem your company is trying to solve. if you're trying to run in containers, that would be a pretty compelling reason. If you don't need to run cross-plat, then you might not need it at all. If you're doing micro services, that could be a good reason. However, I would start by looking at the features and methods that the project used, and see how portable it is.

Hello Scott, thank you for the AMA.

  • Would you mind giving your opinion about JS frameworks with respect to how crucial you think they are (if not why) within this ever extending ecosystem.

  • Where do you see the future of above JS frameworks ? Is there going to be incremental changes or re-writes that will require developers to basically start from scratch.

  • With ES6, came a vast number of changes, but also implicit technical details. Given time constraints, which of the new APIs you think developers should focus the most (promises etc.)?

  • Of course frameworks are crucial, they hide complexity. I would pick a well supported framework that provided the specific features I want for my business. Angular, Ember, etc are all good choices.
  • People will always rewrite frameworks from scratch, but I think you can expect to get 5 or 10 years of good support from the big frameworks that exist today.
  • Promises, async, await, and native APIs.

Hi Scott, it's been more than a decade since I started following your work. Thank you so much for the inspirations and your work.

The buzz word in the industry is about machine learning and AI. There are smart developers who picked this up early. There are more and more products being powered with ML. One of the developers I spoke to believes that he would lose his job without learning the Machine Learning from ground up. What's your take on this paradigm shift and your recommendations to attack the problem for seasoned engineers.

Hi Scott, I'm a real fan of your work. I keep track of Microsoft's work in open source thanks to you.

My questions would be: What Architecture documents or videos would you recommend me to read/watch to build a future proof ASP.NET Core Web Applications. Also how easy is it to migrate an app built in Razor pages to a full MVC Application in case you want to scale later on.

We have a new architecture site with samples, books, videos, patterns and more Check it out!

Hi Scott,

  • What did you talk about with Richard Stallman?

  • Open Source or Free Software? Which one is better for society?

  • Does Microsoft spy on people?

  • Is .Net Core 2.0 GPL-compatible? Can it be added to the Debian "Main" repository ?

  • Have SPA frameworks killed ASP.Net Core MVC (as UI) future?

  • Who will patch a .Net Core vulnerability if I have an application running in .the official Net Core container in Azure?

Thanks a lot for the awesome work you do for the .Net community!

  • I was afraid of talking to Stallman so I just bought the T-shirt and stepped away. He's a little intense.
  • I prefer OSS over FOSS generally because I think it's OK to do OSS and run a business.
  • Not that I know of, and I've been here over 10 years.
  • No, it's MIT and Apache. Debian works like this
  • I don't see why. You can make nice SPA apps with MVC as the backend
  • .NET Core is updated regularly, but just like Java or Go or Node, you'll need to patch your app if you use the runtime.

Why we can just learn node and use it for all back and front end solutions?

If node makes you happy, then you should use it. However, different apps have different requirements. For some people and problems, node has performance issues or JavaScript's syntax can be daunting. It's good to have choice.

Hi Scott, Visual Studio seems to have taken the world by storm with a huge fan base (including me). Has this been a surprise for Microsoft and what can you tell us about the Road Map for VS for 2018

I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot about the specific road map, but I can definitely tell you that there will be a large focus on containers.

Its scary to think how long your face has been gracing either my book shelves (wrox 2.0 era books) or my monitor, will we be getting a hanselVR or AR experience any time soon? As someone who also works 99% of their desk time from home what do you think AR/VR will add to the remote working experience, do you think it could help with presence and more compelling meeting experience, or is video calling sufficient?

I think when virtual reality goggles have greater resolution than my 30 inch monitor, I would be able to replace my monitor with a good set of goggles. I expect 5 years from now one could have a laptop with no screen. I would also like to see a Skype for business type application with holograms for the remote people so we can all sit together.

What advice do you have on submitting talks to conferences to help a talk stand out among the rest?

Especially to someone who is new(/ish) to the scene.

Thanks for doing this AMA, Scott!

I think people should use fewer words then they would expect, have a clear and crisp title, make a declaration, then back it up with facts in the description.

Hi Scott!

What advice do you have for someone trying to get away from being a dark matter developer?

Go to user groups, speaking user groups, volunteer at your local high school, volunteer to help underrepresented people get involved in programming. Show up. Be present. Go outside.

Hello sir, I have a question that every coder who is 'WOKE' would ask, how to make a break through? There are tons of coders out there, all of them know what they are doing, some know how they are doing it, and very few know why they are doing it. I wish to do something great for this wonderful community and not waste my abilities and time doing basic corporate stuff and live a causal family man life. I can take risks but I need some directions...

I'm very sorry, but I don't fully understand your question.

Hey Scott, I was really excited when Microsoft released Webmatrix and the Razor syntax. I felt comfortable again like I had with Classic ASP and built out several sites with it. Do I need to just bite the bullet and switch to RazorPages or continue to code in Razor?

My podcast website still uses the razor syntax, it works great and I don't see a reason to update. However, I don't think it's "biting the bullet" to switch. I would just use RazorPages for new development.

Hi Scott. We´re facing the processors 'meltdown' vulnerability. In some processors, is expected some about 25% less performance, after patch.

I´m worried about the performance of cloud projects that depends a bit of processing. They will be more expensive. We, consumers, could treat this as an incentive for us to containerize our softwares, and use as much as possible, serverless computing?

I'm going to wait and see. I am understanding that a lot of these performance issues will be in specific workloads that use extensive virtualization. I'm seeing some people saying numbers like 5%, while others say 30%. However, Azure said they are not seeing significant performance issues. it is too early to tell.

To be clear, however, systems that are abstracted with containers or serverless still have a host processor that has this problem. It just hides the issue.

Hi, @Scott Hanselman,

Do you think ES/JS can have much impact in (1) AI and (2) Quantic Programming. I know we are a little far from the latter but : do you think that such language can just evolve or will be dropped (in that field).


Good question, but I'm afraid I don't know. However, it is clear that javascript will be an excellent front end for AI/ML services.

Hello, what are the real chances of ASP.NET Core adding VB.NET support in the near future?

I don't know, but I'll ask the VB.NET team.

Scott, hello from Ukraine! In my opinion, stack in Java is highly ready for set up BigData high load architecture (I mean Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, ElasticSearch and so on). DataScience's stack is mostly associated with Python and R now. When some projects need functional development - most of all they are looking for Scala, Haskell, Erlang and even Python engineers (but not F#). Could you explain, where is .NET doing better (except syntax)? How to compete with that tools?

I don't think .NET needs to compete. I think .NET needs to work well in a hybrid solution. Use the right tool for the job, no need to make a screwdriver into a hammer.

As I know integration with Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, ElasticSearch and any tool which uses JVM is not a piece of cake. The same situation with Python (especially with projects and tools, which uses 2.7 version) to port someone's code to IronPython and back (if I want to share my changes with other people) is not a piece of cake as well. I'm not talking about Scala, Haskell, and Erlang. Sometimes the only option to integrate with them - design endpoint(-s) with declared API (which could be also a head pain as well). If you were me how would you try to resolve integration issues for each case?

@Me : How long do you think transpiling to ES5 will take to be regarded as obsolete?

@Scott Hanselman : No, I think we'll just shift to compiling to WASM

Great, I've been thirsty for too long. How long till that trans-compiler is ready? What is the repo so I can contribute?

Thanks again.

Google for ".net blazor" it's just an experiment.

Is ASP.NET MVC secure for the future?

What's your take on this topic?

Of course, that is, and continues to be our goal.

Any chance C# will support operator overloading for any combination of unicode characters?