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Sean Larkin

Technical Program Manager at Microsoft Edge, Webpack Core team member, Angular CLI Core team member




5d · JavaScript Engineer

Hi Sean, Thanks for doing this AMA.

Why webpack? How would you explain webpack to a beginner JavaScripter?


Chris Geirman

11h · sweat the small stuff

What's the best career advice you've ever received? And by whom?


Karan Sharma

1d · Freelancer

What's the best advice you would give to a programmer getting started with frontend development in 2017?

Thanks for the Hashnode AMA. What does your team look like at Microsoft and how is your day-to-day work at the office?


David Cameron

5d · JS fan boy working on web

Hey there Sean! Thanks for the AMA. What motivated you to join Microsoft and what are some of the big challenges at your current job?


Chris Geirman

11h · sweat the small stuff

How do you manage your to-do list in term of tools, process, etc?


Chris Geirman

10h · sweat the small stuff

If you had a magic wand that would instantly and elegantly solve any of webpack's weaknesses, how would you use it?

What's the best and worst thing about being an OSS contributor?



4d · Frontend Developer

What is being done to make Edge more standards compliant? It still lags far behind the competition in that regard. Granted it's better than Internet Explorer was and is getting better all the time.

React, Vue and Angular - How should beginners decide what they should use? Since all of the above 3 are great, what factors should one consider before making a decision.


Chris Geirman

11h · sweat the small stuff

What's your favorite lifehack?


Danny Feliz

10h · Web Developer

In your opinion what is the hardest thing to learn about Webpack?

What's the next big step in the webpack jouney?

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