Best answers of the week: January 2019 (Week 4)

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AMA with Uncle Bob

Last Tuesday, Robert Martin (Uncle Bob) answered more than 80 questions on Hashnode. He shed light on some of the most important tech topics like Microservices, Startups, Writing effective algorithms, and more. ICYMI, check out the full discussion.

Is it safe to publicly display user IDs? (The primary key of a user from the database)

Answer by Mark 🍺

It's often unavoidable to reveal something that uniquely identifies database rows (such as users). All you can choose is whether it's the primary key or (an)other column(s), and how you store it (cookies or not)… Read full answer

Did you write any code today? Share what you’re working on!

Answer by Mario Giambanco

Day job - got purifyCSS to work with Angular 6 - reduced our CSS files by half before minification.
Side project - Started sketching out an iPhone app over the weekend and started laying out the… Read full answer

Answer by Bernardo Augusto Garcia

I am learning about Azure Pipelines DevOps in order to Continuously build, test, and deploy apps on cloud platforms… Read full answer

Answer by Marco Alka

Working on a web application, which should be able to run under dynamic path namespaces. My current task is to make that possible, which is more trouble than it sounds like. Today, I think I am ready to deploy it to our dev server and dev Kubernetes cluster, so wish me luck… Read full answer

Answer by Kleo Petrov

We are discussing migrating two of our vanilla JavaScript projects to TypeScript. Our plan, for now, is the following: Evaluate the impact of introducing TypeScript into the projects. Create the necessary design documents and migration steps… Read full answer

In order to level up what should a beginner web developer learn after getting the basics of JavaScript?

Answer by Bridget Sarah

I selected no and I think for those developers who have selected yes are quite the fools on this post at least. I come from HTML 4.0 and CSS 2.0 when we didn't have CSS frameworks… Read full answer

Will you use an anti-pattern if it gets your job done easily without any side effects?

Answer by Paweł

Some time ago I will say "yes, sure" without hesitation. Now I'd be more careful. The thing with anti-patterns is that they are anti-patterns for a reason… Read full answer

What techniques or tools do you use to keep track of your short and long term goals?

Answer by Dunja Radulov

For my personal goals, I use a combination of the Passion Planner framework for planning long-term goals and the Things app for tracking daily todos. Passion Planner's framework helps you prioritize goals and not try to do too much at once. I've also used the physical passion planner, and it really helps keep you on track… Read full answer

Ways to make team standups interesting for developers / programmers?

Answer by Jos Fabre

make it a 5 min standup. If it takes more time because it's interesting, no problem there, but 30 min is a mental block before the standup has even begun… Read full answer

What app do you use for todos?

Answer by Mark

I'm here to see how many people make their own apps for this :-) It feels like the cliche of both programming and time management to want to build a tailor-made system for tracking tasks, instead of just doing tasks.
I use a bunch:
RememberTheMilk (RTM) as the real todo app… Read full answer

Is it advisable to let someone test (hack) your website's security with full force?

Answer by Connor Bode

Yes, in general it's a great idea, but here are some important considerations:
Keep your site running
Ideally you don't want to do it on your production infrastructure. Have him use a non-production instance of your site (either hosted online, or locally on his computer)… Read full answer

What do you think about microservices architecture? Are you using it?

Answer by j

I personally think the idea of Isolation is very good, although I have to say if you're coding modular and I really mean with modular cohesion it should be rather easy to isolate those parts and create it's own module (service) if needed… Read full answer

What is your favorite programming book?

Answer by Jake

hello, startup by Yevgeniy Brikman
Surprises me that I've never seen this book mentioned anywhere, let alone on anyone's list of "must reads". It popped up as a recommendation on Amazon after it was released in 2015, and I am so grateful that I added it to my cart that day… Read full answer

What is the future for dart?

Answer by Jan Vladimir Mostert

I have several humongous projects in Dart and have been using it for around 5 years now. I would still choose it over a regular NPM setup, although that recently changed with KotlinJS maturing a bit more… Read full answer

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