Hashnode Technical Writing Challenge

October 2020

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Hey there 👋,

Hashnode's Technical Writing Challenge aims to bring the best out of dev bloggers from around the world.

We are starting a new recurring contest for the global developer community. Every month, we'll give away useful gifts 📦 or subscriptions 🎟 worth hundreds of dollars in prize.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up on Hashnode and create a developer blog for yourself. If you already have a Hashnode blog, skip this step.

  2. Write an article or multiple articles on your blog before 15th November.

  3. Let the community discover your articles.

  4. Top 10 authors with the highest number of views on their content win the reward.

Reward for October 2020


Egghead.io Pro Yearly annual subscriptions worth $150 each



Top Writer Badge on Hashnode

The Rules

  • You need to write at least one article between 13th October and 15th November.
  • Only those articles that get reactions from 5 unique users will be considered.
  • You can write as many articles as you like. The combined views will be considered while deciding the winner.
  • You may invite your friends to read your articles and ask them to share for extra visibility.

Do you accept the challenge?

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