Frequently Asked Questions about Devblog

Is Devblog Free?

Yes, Devblog is free and always will be for solo developers. We plan to charge for premium features while keeping most of the important features open. Something similar to Github's pricing.

How will Hashnode make money with Devblog?

Devblog will be free for solo developers always. However, we plan to monetize by introducing team plans, PRO features, and so on.

I am not a developer, can I use Devblog?

Sure. But be sure to exclude your posts from Hashnode. You can do so by selecting a checkbox while publishing the blog posts. This is necessary because the Hashnode community comprises software developers, and your posts might get delisted if they aren’t related to programming.

Can I point Devblog to my own domain?

Yes, you can do so by visiting the “Domain” tab of your blog dashboard.

How to setup custom domain of Devblog?

It’s pretty straightforward. Please refer to this guide for in-depth explanation:

Will Hashnode auto-renew my Devblog's SSL?

Yes, we issue LetsEncrypt certs, which auto-renews every three months.

Why is Devblog so fast?

We follow all the best practices that helps in achieving a better SEO score. We are also using an in-house CDN to serve your content from the closest data center.

Can I export my content from Devblog anytime?

You can export your content in JSON format anytime. You can also set up automatic backups to your private GitHub repo for free. Check out "Backups" and "Export" tabs in your Dashboard.

How will Hashnode give visibility to my Devblog articles?

Devblog is tightly integrated with Hashnode. Every time you post an article on your blog, Hashnode inserts it into the user feeds. For example: if you tag your article with JavaScript, our feed algorithm will show the posts to all the users on Hashnode who follow JavaScript tag.

Hence, you get visibility on Hashnode from Day One.

What PRO features will be added in Devblog?

We have not decided on the final list of PRO features. However, you can refer to this thread, where we have shared our initial thoughts.

How much will Devblog PRO cost?

We have not decided on the final pricing of Devblog Pro. However, you can refer to this thread, where we have shared our initial thoughts.

How can I change the look and feel of my Devblog?

Devblog lets you customize the look and feel of your blog. You can change the background color of your blog's header and add a new custom logo from the Dashboard.