Didn't get paid by the client? Here's something for you! 👻

not-paid is an open source repository which reduces the opacity of the website every day until their site completely fades away.

Just load the not-paid.js file in <head> and customize the following variable.

/* change these variables as you wish */
var due_date = new Date('2017-02-27');
var days_deadline = 60;
/* stop changing here */

It's available as a WordPress plugin as well.

Have fun!

Image credit: paidoff

Well, it's an intelligent marketing strategy by Letsdeel.

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Don't deliver before you have seen your money.

Case 1: You deliver first) The client got your work and could use the money on something else.

Case 2: The client pays first) The client doesn't have your work yet, but once they pay, you have no reason not to give it to them, you can possibly not just sell it to another person and if it's software you could just sell a copy (legal or not).

Case 2 should be seen as the most reasonable for all parts. You can always set up a server they can see the work on before they pay, of course. Also consider asking for an 1/3 upfront payment.

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Although this is really funny it should only be used as a last resort IMO. Doing these kind of semi-blackmailing practices can further harm the relationship with your client and it's probably not even legal in most countries.

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Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Tim Van Dijck True that!

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Front-end & web game developer

Tim Van Dijck It's also not legal not being paid according to a contract, but here we are. This is, as I see it, a way to subtly f**k with the client if it's a small project where you don't really care if you'd get paid and you don't want to deal with the court, lawyers and so on.