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Nicolas Pilot



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Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr
Sep 13, 2023

Very interesting. Can you describe how you incorporated stimulsoft solution into APEX in the Builder? That is, how would we go about creating a similar solution? I have not found any documentation on using stimulsoft with APEX. (Don't know Java).

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Nicolas Pilot
Nicolas Pilot
·Sep 21, 2023

Hello Joe. For a proper answer, I would need to write a new article. But for a quick answer to include the Stimulsoft Designer you need to

  • Download js files from
  • Add stimulsoft.reports.js + stimulsoft.viewer.js + stimulsoft.designer.js to your APEX Page (File URLs)
  • Declare 2 global variable : var designer = null; var report = null;
  • Create an apex region with a empty div in the Source Text : <div id="my_report_designer"></div>
  • Execute some javascript on Page Load to initialize the Designer

//Activation with using license code (not needed for trial) //Stimulsoft.Base.StiLicense.Key = "Your activation code...";

// Create the report designer with default options designer = new Stimulsoft.Designer.StiDesigner(null, "Designer", false);

// Show the report designer in div content designer.renderHtml("my_report_designer");

// Create a new report object report = new Stimulsoft.Report.StiReport();

// You can load a report template in the report object //report.loadFile("#APP_IMAGES#reports/gcc_emp.mrt"); //report.load(reportJSONTemplate);

// Assign report object to report designer = report;

// Write a function to save your report template designer.onSaveReport = function (args) { var jsonReport =; console.log("SAVING : "+jsonReport); }