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28Adrián Escat · 05 April 2016wip

Syed Fazle Rahman's response:

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the request. This is definitely on our development roadmap. Currently, we are collecting ideas on how it would function and be different from traditional messaging systems.

We'll update you once we have something concrete.


Browser notifications

It'd be nice to be able to turn off emails (I get enough of those) and turn on browser notifications for Hashnode instead.

23Cliff Rowley · 01 April 2016wip

Profile : Import from LinkedIn/Github, View as other user, Badges of ur tech
  • Import and improving profile page by importing profile from LinkedIn/Github.
  • "View profile as another user" option would be good.
  • Badges about Tech we have mastered, would be good in profile page
  • 21Roopak A N · 02 April 2016wip

    Emoji support

    I'd like to be able to write emojis the way you can at Github:

    • :smile: becoming a smiley face
    • :see-no-evil: becoming the monkey covering his eyes
    • etc..

    18Stephan de Vries · 18 March 2016wip

    RSS Feed

    At a global level and also ideally at contributor level.

    16David Miller · 18 March 2016accepted

    Hashnode in Dark Mode

    There should be toggle button for Dark Mode in Hashnode.

    Here is link, How Hashnode will look like in dark mode:

    It is not helpful feature but more like luxurious feature as some coders love black screen.

    12Vaibhav Mule · 28 September 2016accepted

    Syed Fazle Rahman's response:

    This is interesting. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion.


    Disable people from inviting me to answer

    I would like to be able to disable the feature that from time to time gives me an email that someone wants me to answer their question. More often than not I don't know the person and also don't have an opinion about the topic.

    As an addition I would like to be able to limit which nodes where I can be invited to answer questions.

    10Emil Moe · 24 May 2016wip

    Make Feature Requests searchable

    So we can find out if someone else already submitted the same idea

    10Marco Alka · 04 August 2016wip

    Roadmap to learn a particular node. Hashnode learning

    Stack overflow recently started something called documentation. That I guess is useful but surely very vast to implement here. I suggest a slightly inspired, but distinct feature which I feel will totally suit this kind of a website. Something like a roadmap to all the "nodes". Basically that was the first thing I wanted to do when I visited the website, was to ask some people how do I understand what is an isomorphic app, how to build one , better understanding of webpack etc etc. You guys aim to have a good community of developers. I think people will be willing to chalk out a road map for each "node" talking in hashnode terms ( roadmap can have links to tutorials, videos, or some textual description). I think such a feature will be useful people who are starting up with a technology.

    10Sahil Sharma · 27 July 2016

    Have an option default collection : 'upvoted'

    The first time I upvote something, ask me if I want to start an automatically populated collection called "upvoted" which will save any article I upvote. Handy when you want to go back and see all the articles you've upvoted.

    9Andrew Wooldridge · 01 August 2016accepted

    Syed Fazle Rahman's response:

    Thanks for the suggestion. :) Collections are currently being upgraded. It'll be good to have this feature.

    Delete account and data

    There is no way to remove account & account data. At least I cant find one.

    9Ganapati V S · 02 January 2017

    Github and Stackoverflow status in profile preview

    When hover an user avatar and shows the profile preview it would be nice to see github status like followers, repos count and contributions amount. And the stackoverflow status (points)

    9Adrián Escat · 17 April 2016accepted

    Add Appreciation to Stories

    Allow The option to not only like/dislike stories but appreciate them as we do with answer and comments in posts

    8Misael Taveras · 19 May 2016wip

    Need shortened URL for sharing

    Expecting shortened URL from hasnode domain only,

    8Ankur Raiyani · 14 June 2016wip

    Save comments to a collection.

    Like a quotes list

    8Adrián Escat · 05 April 2016wip

    User profile to be displayed on mouse hover on the name

    Currently its implemented on mouse hovering on the image? Any specific reason its not there on the userName ?

    7Sahil Sharma · 01 August 2016wip

    Hashnode learning

    Allow hashnode members to create a sort of "online learning" course on a given subject. Consisting of lists of links. After you read/accomplish the links you get some kind of badge / points / award.

    7Andrew Wooldridge · 29 July 2016

    Allow commenting on links from the feed

    It would be nice to be able to comment on links right from the feed. Links open in new tabs anyway, so I think not many people visit link pages on Hashnode. Allowing people to comment right from the feed encourages the user to interact with content.

    7Stephan de Vries · 12 May 2016

    Support embedding Gists, JSFiddles, etc in articles.

    Perhaps there's already a way to do this, but if not, it would be very useful to be able to embed gists, jsfiddles, codepens, etc. in articles and comments.

    7Andrew Wooldridge · 24 August 2016wip

    The ability to reference another article or note in a new article

    This is especially relevant to questions that have been answered. To have some kind of ability to reference another article or note (beyond just some raw link). Perhaps by ID or if the system recognizes the permalink it gives it a special look.

    7Andrew Wooldridge · 03 August 2016accepted


    I would like an API so I can make a list of my activity on my website

    5Emil Moe · 11 October 2016

    RSS Feeds for Tagged Post Categories

    It would be nice if there was an RSS feed for tagged post categories. For example, I want to add to Feedly so I can browse it there.

    5Brian Jackson · 07 March 2016accepted

    Unread articles badge on pinned nodes.

    I would like to see the number of unread articles in my "Pinned Nodes"

    5Roopak A N · 15 April 2016accepted

    Android application

    This could be a simple Cordova application (or similar, look at Fastmail's example) that points directly to the site. The important part is that it handles sharing intents on the OS level.

    An additional benefit would be to have an application show up in my app drawer instead of just my homescreen.

    5David Alexander · 12 August 2016wip

    More information on "New Follower" notification

    I would welcome to see statistics, where my followers come from (which site were they on when they clicked "Follow"?) This information can be used to find out what my followers are particularly interested in and what they might expect by following me. That way, I can create more content which pleases my followers, as, for me, they are the most important members on Hashnode when I write something!

    4Marco Alka · 07 September 2016

    Allow for embeds for such sites as github gists, jsfiddles, tonicdev notebooks

    Not asking for a universal support for embeds, but embedding github gists, jsfiddles, tonicdev notebooks, and a few other trusted embeds in new stories that are hosted on hashnode.

    4Andrew Wooldridge · 29 July 2016accepted

    Referral URL to Invite my friends

    Currently, there is no way to track the number of friends joined If I share hashnode in my other social networks.

    4Sriraman · 04 July 2016accepted

    Achievement Badges

    Add achievement badges in order to boost motivation to post and make users more active in general. You might also use them to get users to post into deserted or very new Nodes. A user, when having achieved such a badge, might then select one of the badges they have to be displayed next to their name.

    Badges might include

    • First! - first post to new Node
    • Loved by many - 200+ followers
    • Big help - at least one post with 30+ upvotes


    4Marco Alka · 05 August 2016

    Replies to questions

    It's sometimes better to request more details from the asker before putting forward an answer. (UPDATE: This has been already accepted and completed)

    4Sidhant Panda · 10 May 2016wip

    Happy <Holiday>! -message

    It's always nice to see what kind of holidays are at some place around the world. For example, in China, Chinese New Year is coming up. So why not make a collection of different holidays from all over the world and display a (subtle) message for everyone to read? I think that would boost the social factor a bit (software engineering is not always just pure logic after all :) )

    4Marco Alka · 26 January 2017

    As an owner of a node, have the ability to make a link or post "featured"

    It would be cool as the owner of a node to "feature" a link or post at the top of the node's page. Almost as a sticky post in a forum. The owner might point to some recently popular post, or something of particular interest to users of that node.

    4Andrew Wooldridge · 19 September 2016accepted

    Add a red circle of "number of unreads" next to the followed Nodes title

    For instance I'm following "webdev" and there's been 10 new unread posts in that node since I last visited. Include the little red circle with the number of unread posts (in this case 10) to the right of the name. Similar to the number that is next to the bell in the upper right.

    3Andrew Wooldridge · 15 August 2016

    Ability to change username

    3Ozzie Neher · 14 August 2016accepted

    Syed Fazle Rahman's response:

    Hi Ozzie,

    A change of "username" is a development task that we can't undertake at this moment. We know it's important to give people another chance to change their usernames, but our development pipeline is jam packed with other priorities.

    We will accept this request, but we don't have a timeline as of now, for when it'll be implemented.

    Thanks :)

    See the status of pending nodes

    It's interesting to see the status of new nodes, or what nodes on demand, to not send another node that has been sent.

    3Sergio · 08 November 2016

    When creating a new link, show last 10 tags used for easy inclusion.

    When I post links, I find myself using the same tags over and over again. It would be great if there was some affordance that knew the last 10 tags I've used to post links, and allow me to just 1-click add that tag to the current link I'm about to post. Instead of having me type in the tag over and over each time I post a link.

    3Andrew Wooldridge · 29 July 2016

    Make feature requests show up in our "activity feed"

    It would be a convenient way to highlight feature requests that the requestor wants to get more votes or attention.

    3Andrew Wooldridge · 19 September 2016

    To change the existing email-id

    Please look into this as I made this request long back but not implemented yet. Allow users to change the email-id. Hope to get a quick reply.

    3Shweta Pal · 06 January 2017

    The user's "stories" page should include a link to create a new story.

    It would be nice, and convenient if - when viewing my own "stories" page that there was a "+" or "new story" link there - as there is on the home page.

    3Andrew Wooldridge · 22 August 2016

    More colors (unlimited?) for saved notes buckets.

    Not sure why there's only a handful of color choices when you create a new group to save links in... Should be able to choose any color I want?

    3Andrew Wooldridge · 18 August 2016

    Make all node names more generic and consistent
    • Remove versions (we have HTML and HTML5 nodes. For what purpose? Will there be a HTML5.1 node? What about HTML4? Why not open PHP6 and PHP7 nodes, then?
    • There are specific nodes, like Linux. But what about XNU? BSD? Unix Kernels? Haiku? Redox? etc.? They are not Linux. As such, I think the node should be called NIX or even OS (operating system), so we can add NT, too. Alternatively, Nodes for other Kernels should be added as well...
    • There is a Microsoft Node and a Google node, but no Apple Node.

    3Marco Alka · 01 February 2017

    Search feature requests

    This will help people find similar requests that have already been made. That way they can go ahead and support the existing requests instead of making a duplicate one.

    2Malcolm · 28 September 2016

    Restore native browser controls

    You disabled the native browser controls. An example: If I middle click the Hashnode logo I expect my browser to open a new tab. Hashnode will just load the front page in the current tab. For better UX, please re-enable the native browser controls.

    2Marco Alka · 04 August 2016

    See who's just joined this day/week/interval

    Seeing a list of recently joined people would help give a sense that this site is growing, and it also acts as a way for new folks to "introduce" themselves. Also gives existing folks an opportunity to watch / friend new folks and get them active in the community faster.

    2Andrew Wooldridge · 01 August 2016

    Make 'send feedback' a universal footer link.

    Often you find something on the site that you want to send feedback about, but many of the pages do not have either a "send feedback" or "request a feature" link. So you have to hunt around for it, and by the time you do you've lost the context of the issue you wanted to report. Please add it to the universal footer links.

    2Andrew Wooldridge · 29 July 2016

    The social icons next to names on profiles need title tips / bigger

    I just added a twitter and github link on my profile, but if I wasn't actively looking for them I would have missed them. They are so tiny and do not change color on hover so they don't appear to be clickable. Also, they should have title text or some other accessibility option so screenreaders can understand they are links to various social networks.

    2Andrew Wooldridge · 29 July 2016

    Add to Collection Bookmarklet

    Some low-key UI should pop up asking what collection (if not a new one) the link should be added to.

    Similar to the Evernote Clipper, Pocket's bookmarklet, or anything by StumbleUpon

    2David Alexander · 12 August 2016

    Ability to run code snippets existing in the stories or questions.

    A small button below every snippet, push it, a small console will open below to give you the output of the code.. I know this is hard and big, but it will be fun to have it :)

    2Amir Anwar · 08 February 2017

    A count badge on the 'Request a feature' link

    Super non-urgent feature request. I like keeping an eye on new feature requests and it'd be nice to see if there are new additions from the main page.

    Also, quotes are broken in the feature request title :P

    2Cliff Rowley · 29 March 2016accepted

    Hashnode embed

    Allow for stories hosted here to be embedded elsewhere -- voting, commenting come back to site so can be used as a way to grow an audience.

    2Andrew Wooldridge · 29 July 2016accepted

    • looks like a node, but it really contains all untagged posts
    • only visible to moderators
    • moderators can tag posts with their own node(s)
    • should not contain any posts; all posts should have appropriate tags

    2Marco Alka · 12 September 2016

    Tags Unification

    Currently there are both lowercase and uppercase tags, I think they should be unified, so they are capitalized (e.g. Angular 2 instead of 'angular 2').

    2Pablo Ivan G. Soto · 23 July 2016accepted

    Add Xing-Profile-Link to Hashnode profile settings

    Since you are working on a reputation system overhaul, many people might be interested in offering jobs to people who are top-posters here. Xing is often the platform of joice for job offers. Being able to connect the Xing profile might be benefitial for some users.

    2Marco Alka · 14 July 2016

    Notification Options

    On the notifications page, allow them to be searched (by event, date, or user) as-well as deleted.

    It'd also be interesting to see if we could have notification settings, to enable and disable certain types of notifications that we receive.

    2Casual · 18 September 2016accepted

    Alternative charts calculation for 'Actively contributes in` component on profile page

    I think it can be good to use a different chart graph calculation.

    Currently, I believe the calculation is done tat way: my contributions per node compared to the summary of all contributes per node.

    I suggest a switchable alternative calculation. My contributions per node compared to the contributions of the monthly or yearly top contributor per node.

    Does it make sense?

    2Denny Trebbin · 05 April 2016wip

    Give notification when title of post is changed

    I noticed that my title was changed by someone today, and earlier that some tags were. It would be fair to give a notification everytime this is done and by whom.

    2Emil Moe · 01 October 2016accepted

    Answer Later feature

    Sometimes, I'll not be able to answer some question due to lack of time. If there is some option to mark it to answer later, I'll bookmark it and answer it later when I'm getting some free time.

    2Sriraman · 04 October 2016accepted

    Easy printing

    I tried to print a tutorial and the format is not so good. the hashnode icon hovers some text, etc.

    2Chaim Lando · 13 October 2016accepted

    Remove hashes when share a link

    Sometimes when a user share a link of medium there is a hash (#) after the url that this make the url checker fail and see duplication links in the timeline. I think it's nice to remove this extra characters that make the check link more difficult to comparte links.

    2Sergio · 14 October 2016

    Better keyboard accessibility

    Currently the edit box traps the cursor - once you are in there, there's no way out:

    • the tab key indents, even when the cursor is at the end of the box
    • enter adds line break
    • shift- ctrl- and alt-enter all add line breaks

    Tab should only indent when the cursor is at the start of a line and that line is not the last line of the text area. At other times, I expect hitting tab to take me to the submit button.

    Similar problem with this "make a request" modal - tab key exits the modal without going to the submit button.

    2Ben Buchanan (200ok) · 24 May 2016wip

    Syed Fazle Rahman's response:

    Great advice! We'll fix this experience.

    Thanks :)

    # Counter on leaderboard

    Add a column telling which position the person is at on the leaderboards. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...)

    2Emil Moe · 20 October 2016

    Add a default list to the "collections" function

    That would enable a user to quickly gather posts into a collection while browsing lists. (In my case, I'm interested in gathering posts into a private "Read it later" collection.)

    2Jean Jordaan · 25 October 2016

    Steal ideas from the editor

    E.g. the mechanism of quoting from various posts in a thread within one response: highlight some text, select "quote reply", and get [quote="someauthor, post:9, topic:2236"]quoted text[/quote] in your reply. Having separate responses to each origin comment clutters the UI and fragments the conversation.

    2Jean Jordaan · 25 October 2016

    See Top Contributors of past years

    Make a section to see top contributors os previous years

    2Sergio · 17 November 2016

    make facebook-like feeling status (but for learning, creating a new app...etc.)

    For Example: Jack smith started learning Python Jack smith has finished learning Java Jack smith is starting making a new project Jack smith is reading "The basics of ios development" and so on the status can be put alone, but should be at the top of a story or a question e.g.: Jack Smith started learning Python Q: any suggestions for online resources to learn python?

    2Amir Anwar · 06 February 2017

    When i add the post into the collection make the collection link on the post highlighted

    Each time when I am adding the post into my collection, I have to check my collection whether the post added into the collection or not. By highlighting the collection link on the post it will easy for the user to see what are feeds they are added into their collection

    1Sivabalan · 07 January 2017

    Add as domain

    cuz it's cool :D

    1Marco Alka · 17 February 2017

    Update Email when connected via an external provider

    I originally registered for HashNode via github when my email as ( I changed my email on github later to be ( There is no way to update the registered email on Hashnode to match my new email.

    Is there potential to release a new "update connected accounts" feature to update the content provided by an external service provider when it changes?

    1Muyiwa Olu · 12 February 2017

    Configure notifications

    It's interesting to configure what notifications you want (web/email) and can manage what you want to receive.

    1Sergio · 26 December 2016

    Invite an user to read a content

    I think it's interesting you can tag someone or send it a content to read it.

    PS: Yes, i wanna say about user mentioning, i think before not included :)

    1Sergio · 21 November 2016accepted

    Syed Fazle Rahman's response:

    Hi Sergio,

    We do have user mentioning feature. Can you please elaborate? We also have the ability to share a post via email.


    Code humor

    Joke of the day like "discussion of the day" :D we currently have 3 options : story, question and sharing links, what about adding a joke about programming... maybe also it should be limited, e.g. you cannot post more than one joke per week, otherwise Hashnode will be flooded with jokes and will stray away from its purpose. Also what about adding quotes and motivational statements?

    1Amir Anwar · 08 February 2017

    Add note to my store items in collections

    Would be nice if I could add a small note why I saved it.

    1Emil Moe · 15 June 2016accepted

    "Watch" questions you have answered to by default

    It would be interesting to see other views on a question you have answered to when they are posted. Somethinf like "XYZ also answered this question."

    1Sidhant Panda · 10 May 2017

    C#/.NET Node

    I'm sorta baffled that there isn't one yet. There's a Microsoft one and a Azure one but I don't see a C#/.NET one; please forgive me if I've missed it but .NET is quite huge and I'll tell ya right now that there's a ton of people who need help with it. I'd be willing to help out and refer people over here should you add it. In fact, I would argue that it is extremely important because more than most JS-based communities, .NET is lacking in "friendly community atmosphere" like HashNode. Most of the atmosphere is very professional/strict around .NET. By the way, massive props for having C, C++, and Security Nodes already. I know C seems pretty quiet but I'm gonna get in there more as well. This site is coming along.

    1Todd · 08 February 2017

    You should be automatically watching a question or story when you comment on it

    Why I don't get a notification when someone else replies to the same question/story I replied?

    1Amir Anwar · 05 February 2017

    Notification in thread I participate

    When I comment on a reply and there's a new comment to that reply, I think I should automatically get a notification. It seems they are only popping up when someone mention me?

    Take this for example, where I didn't see the notification all day:

    1Emil Moe · 22 April 2017

    Allowing users to have their personal channels/nodes

    And other users can subscribe to it like in YouTube

    1Amir Anwar · 05 February 2017

    Make 'Watch' option available in the 'more options menu' in Home feed

    Sometimes there are no answers yet to a question, so going to the Question page makes no sense just to 'Watch' it

    1Sidhant Panda · 10 April 2017

    Mention popups on mobile

    When writing a reply on desktop mentions (@) popups allow for finding the intended person easily and safeguards against typos. These do not appear on the mobile version of the site but would be nice to have. Thanks!

    1Michael Gilley · 13 May 2016accepted

    Discussion rss feed

    It`s so useful if you publish RSS feed of popular discussion of hashcode.

    1Amir Salar Pourhasan · 21 February 2017

    Add friends

    Make it more social and add a personal dimension like in Facebook friends should be different than followers, they are able to chat together privately, share more personal info...etc.

    1Amir Anwar · 23 January 2017

    Sharing the post or link to the selected hashnoders

    I had a situation, that I created post or link and share it my selected hashnoders. It will be great if I can create group for hashnoders and share the topic with them

    1Sivabalan · 13 January 2017

    loading ...