Front End Developer

Weever Apps·Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Frontend Developer will join our frontend development team. This person will be responsible for elements of function, user interaction features and usability improvements for each of our four products: “Forms Manager”, “Training Manager”, “Inspections” and “Process Manager”.

Day-to-day activities:

  • Work with our product team to implement frontend development of both new user interface (UI) features and core improvements to our platform, ranging from configuration improvements to the integration of charts and other libraries
  • Help us to improve our HTML5 / JS library performance and our specification-driven frontend programming patterns
  • Implement improved test coverage using libraries similar to Selenium and more
  • Engage in rapid cycle of design and iteration in collaboration with software engineers, marketing, and other stakeholders
  • Coordinate and provide input to our design team on product and engineering development

Please apply to join our team if at least three of the following apply to you:

  • You have excellent communication and soft skills and care about user experience
  • You enjoy working with Angular, Vue or other frontend Javascript libraries
  • You understand the value of well written SASS/LESS and frontend templates
  • You know how important good UI “states” are and dive into that on any project
  • You have some experience working with API’s and PostgreSQL or other database systems

Bonus points if:

  • You have some knowledge in ARIA, copy writing, typography and aesthetics, motion design, material design language, UX/JTBD, style guides, Sketch, wireframes
  • You know Haskell. Wow.
  • You have experience working in an Agile environment
    • You are passionate about the problems we’re facing and have ideas on how to face them

More details in the provided URL below.