Project Reviewer

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As a reviewer at Open Commit, you would be responsible for providing actionable advice and comprehensive code reviews to developers, from individuals, to large teams.

Why should I apply?

There are many perks to working as a project reviewer at Open Commit. You will:

  • Have the opportunity to reinforce your programming knowledge and help developers write better code
  • Gain a firmer understanding of industry code practices
  • Develop a network of fellow code reviewers
  • Get paid on your own terms, based on project demand.

Currently our pay scale per review is as follows:

  • $10 Basic Project (small apps like to-do apps, blogs et cetera)
  • $20 Medium Complexity Project (larger web apps)
  • $40 Complex Project (complex production apps)
  • This pay scale may get larger depending on enterprise demand.

Side note: We have not publicly launched yet, and will be doing so in mid-August, so you would be in the first cohort of reviewers. You can view our Product Hunt Upcoming page here: