Netflix is the world's leading streaming video service, and our growth is accelerating. We have continued this growth in early 2016 with the announcement that Netflix is now available in over 130 countries around the globe. Our global expansion is powered by talents of our amazing engineers who build and deploy services to our cloud hundreds of times a day.

As Netflix’s engineering embraces languages outside the JVM, the tooling we use to enable engineers needs to evolve. In order to address Netflix’s growing polyglot needs, we built Newt. Newt is a developer tool that provides a cross-language development orchestration, for both local and build environments. Newt enables engineers to quickly create projects, configure environments, develop their code, and interact with containers, both locally and in the our cloud. Newt is being used by hundreds of engineers and is the future of developer tools at Netflix.

We’re looking for passionate engineers who love Linux, who are intimately familiar with cloud infrastructure, are just as comfortable in the shell as they are in an IDE, have a strong networking background, are comfortable in a polyglot environment, and may not have all the answers but know how to find them.

What you will do…

  • Help define the future of our image- and container-based deployment strategies.
  • Develop command line tools that enable developers to quickly build, bake, and deploy images locally and to the cloud.
  • Work directly with Netflix engineers to provide a polyglot-friendly experience and first-class support for platforms built on Java, Node.js, Python, and others.
  • Evangelize and coach Netflix engineers on best practices and our evolving tool offering.

Here’s some work we’ve done…

If any of these apply to you...

  • Great communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Linux experience -- intimate with Linux distributions and packaging.
  • Cloud experience -- designing and building tooling and infrastructure for cloud platforms (AWS, Azure or GCE).
  • Programming experience -- shell, Python, Go, Java, Groovy amongst others (both reading and writing).
  • Operational experience -- comfortable providing support to customers, optimizing deployments for availability and uptime, going deep on troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Exposure to container technology (lxc, Docker, lxd, rkt), container-focused Linux distributions, and virtualization in the cloud.

... then we’d love to talk to you about this opportunity. Netflix offers a unique culture that values freedom and responsibility. You can learn more via the culture slides and “who we are” section of