Sr. Perl Developer

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Brooksource is searching for a Sr. Perl Developer who will be responsible for backend and web interface programming for an internal database driven web application that connects multiple systems used for internal operations. The position requires primarily Perl/web development work, but the candidate must be very proficient with SQL and able to author complex queries for reporting purposes. The applicant should be prepared to participate in decision-making on broader information architecture and design questions. What are we looking for?

  • Extreme proficiency in Object Oriented Perl programming for both system administration and web applications
  • Proficiency with the following Perl Modules: DBI, DBD::Oracle, Date, HTML::Template, LWP, CGI, JSON
  • Ability to write own Perl Modules and subroutine packages
  • Solid understanding of multidimensional data structures, references, regular expressions Extreme proficiency in SQL
  • Solid understanding of database concepts: keying, subquerying, triggers, stored procedures
  • Strong experience in command line Unix/Linux environments
  • Ability to read the manual and self-teach
  • Ability to quickly read and understand legacy code.
  • Ability to write Oracle PL/SQL triggers, functions, stored procedures
  • Strong experience in front-end development -- CSS, HTML, javascript.