10 Developer Stories Worth Reading from the last week!

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“You will learn most things by looking, but reading gives understanding. Reading will make you free.” Paul Rand

Reading is essential, especially for developers. It helps you learn from other developers' good and bad experience. While you might be busy with your regular coding stuff find some time to read the following interesting stories by awesome developers on Hashnode.

An introduction to the JAMstack: the architecture of the modern web

By Bolaji Ayodeji

I am sure you have heard about JAMstack a lot recently. Read this fantastic introduction to JAMstack by Bolaji, if you are wondering what it is.

Threads in rust

By j

If you are new to Rust, read this article. Understand the difference between process and thread, Ring model, Memory Virtualization, and more.

What Go Programming Language does and does not have

By Amrit Pandey

Is Go language worth your time? What can it do? Why is it so popular? Well, look no further than this article. Thanks, Amrit, for this writing this article. I am sure it'll be helpful to many developers in the future.

Writing e2e tests using Cypress

By Aravind

At Hashnode, we recently started putting together a test suite for Devblog. We tried multiple things and finally settled for Cypress. Read how it helped us write new tests faster and effectively.

Basics of tmux and why you should care

By Ryan Marvin

Have you heard about tmux? It stands for terminal multiplexer. It provides access to several terminal sessions through a single window. Read more about its usage in this guide.

React Hooks Tutorial <Beginner Level>

By Erastus Ruiru

Read this beginner-friendly guide to building a simple TODO app using React's Hooks.

Class vs Function based programming simplified

By Mohd Shad Mirza

Brush up your knowledge about Class and Function-based programming by reading this beginner-friendly guide by Mohd Shad. It also covers the basics of Functional programming, Immutability, Higher-Order Function, and more.

The Junior Developer

By Aaron Artille

What exactly is a junior developer, and how does the position differ from a mid-level or senior development gig? Hear it from an experienced developer.

The ultimate CSS battle: Grid vs Flexbox

By Per Borgen

Learn how to use CSS Grid and Flexbox in this article. Also, understand how they differ, and when you should use one over the other.

Webpack 4 Optimization Tips

By Juni Brosas

Learn how to optimize and track the performance of your webpack project in this article. It also covers tips on improving the build time.

Those were some of the most popular articles on Hashnode from the past week. I hope you will find them useful. Please do motivate these authors to write better by sharing their articles on social media and hitting the appreciation emojis.

Have a successful week ahead. Cheers!🍺

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