12 Interesting Developer Articles to Read This Week

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Hello everybody πŸ‘‹

Sorry for not posting the weekly roundup last week as I was away on a mini-vacation with my wife to Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ and Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬. You can call it a de-stress session as I had not been on holidays since last 1.5 years. Well, I am back now, and can't wait to show some exciting projects we are working on (Native mobile apps, Hashnode APIs, to name some) which will be released soon in the coming days. Super excited. ✌️

IMG_5705-COLLAGE.jpgSome of my favorite pics from the vacation

I created an open source online markdown viewer and editor

by Liyas Thomas
Liyas created a fast, WYSIWYG and easy to use markdown editor called "Marcdown" which is open source on Github. Check it out.

How Personal Projects Make You A Better Developer

by Milecia
Doing personal projects will make you a better developer and here are a few ways how.

Managing File and Images in GraphQL with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync

by Nader Dabit
Storing and querying for files like images and videos is a common requirement for most applications, but how do you do this using GraphQL?

Why you might want to skip the frameworks like Laravel

by Benjamin Beganović
Read why Ben thinks it's good to skip PHP frameworks like Laravel.

How Flutter and Google Cloud Platform came together to solve a 'Learning' Problem

by Tapas Adhikary
Tapas solved one of the most common problems kids face, following diction, by building an app himself. Read this interesting experience and learn.

WebSocket Simplified

by Mohd Shad Mirza
Getting started with WebSockets? Here's a beginners' tutorial you should follow.

Automating code checks with overcommit

by Jalerson Lima
Overcommit is a Ruby gem which allows you to easily manage and configure your Git hooks. Read how to use it to allow running custom scripts when certain actions occur like commit, push, merge, checkout, etc.

Things to consider for good typography on the web.

by Kedar.K
This article answers a lot of important questions regarding web typography like: What fonts to use, whether it should be bold or italic, line height, spacing around: letters, words, and paragraph, etc.

VIM & Visual Studio Code Tips & Tricks (With Video / GIF)

by Muhammad Muhajir
Muhajir is planning to update this article every time he comes across an interesting VIM + VS Code tips and tricks. There are a few interesting ones listed already. Make sure to bookmark this article.

Learn React Hooks and Context API by building a Recipe Search App (Part 2)

by Ola John
In this second part of Learning React Hooks series, Ola teaches you Context API by building a simple Recipe Search App.

How to build a simple counter and a vending machine app with React hooks

by Ady Ngom
Learn how to use React.memo component in React Hooks by building a simple counter and a vending machine app.

How to compile your C++ code in Visual Studio Code

by Bolaji Ayodeji
Compile your C++ code directly inside VSCode. Read this article to find out.

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Syed Fazle Rahman, Followed most of these stories, great ones. Thanks for featuring mine too..

Your Vacation snaps are Rocking!!

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Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Thank you Tapas Adhikary

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Thank you for featuring.