5 things learned by scaling from 0 to 500.000+ monthly pageviews on a PHP-based SaaS platform

Running an online-based business, website performance is crucial. I've written about some of the performance improvements we've done to half our response times, while doubling the number of visitors.


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Comments (2)

Ryosuke's photo

Great article, love seeing the data on PHP optimization.

What are you using for your frontend view layer? Are you just rendering in PHP or a Javascript framework (like Mustache/Handlebars or VueJS)? Just curious how you make your PHP frontend more "snappy" for consumers ⚡️

Jesper Jarlskov's photo

Thank you, here as well.

We've just rebuilt our frontend layer in VueJS, it's works pretty well with our Laravel backend, though we still have a lot of work to do on improving the performance in the frontend.

One thing I think is important to keep in mind when working with frontend performance is the difference between perceived performance and actual performance. The user doesn't care when the browser says a page is done loading, the user only cares when he or she things the page is done loading. It just have to be ready enough to be useful, then you can finish loading without the user knowing or caring.