AdonisJS is new. Will it change the way we do NodeJS App Development?







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If you're unfamiliar with Adonis, it's a fairly new MVC framework for building node applications. Heavily inspired by Laravel, but it brings the power of Node with it.

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Currently, I go more and more back to I just want to write code.

As soon as you want to do something that is not intended, the problems start. Which is why I have the feeling that those things block me more than they help me.

I wouldn´t look further into using adonis because I want to use MongoDB and not a SQL Database. Also in an example for the last point, what if I like what I see but I want to use a different database.

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Interesting that the two responses here criticize AdonisJS for only supporting SQL instead of MongoDB. SQL over MongoDB is one of AdonisJS's strengths in my opinion, especially that it uses one of the ORMs built on top of the query-builder knex.js. That aside, AdonisJS hopefully will not change the way we do NodeJS App development. A long-time criticism of NodeJS is that there hasn't been a large Rails style framework. AdonisJS fulfills this role and is inviting to outsiders who are looking for one. To outsiders looking for Rails, Express/Hapi/Koa/Feathers/Fastify etc. are "not frameworks, just routers". People who have been doing backend NodeJS know the truth though: the NPM modules ecosystem is our framework, and we like it this way better.

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Joshua Kidd you should at least explain your point why you expect Adonis to change something at all. I haven't used it yet, but I see that it doesn't support MongoDB as opposed to for instance Feathers which supports any popular option.