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Hi Sasha. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. My Question: A lot of tech companies in the US would easily recruit a very skilled remote software developer from Africa. However, that does not seem to be the case with product managers from Africa. Is there any bias towards PMs applying from Africa? What can a remote PM from Africa do to stand-out amongst the crowd?

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Product Management @GitHub

I have seen many teams having reservations about hiring remote PMs because they worry about their ability to be effective.

  1. Apply to companies that are fully remote. You are at a disadvantage if the development team is co-located, and you are remote and/or in a different time zone. It is a lot easier to be successful if the rest of the team is distributed.

  2. Show experience in managing remote projects. For instance, many of the open-source project teams are highly distributed, and if you can show success in that space, the company is more likely to trust you.