AMA: I'm Tomasz Łakomy. Senior Frontend Engineer. Ask me Anything!

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Hey Tomasz, thanks for doing this AMA.

What are your thoughts on all the virtual developer conferences happening all over the world? Have you attended any of them? If yes, how do you think they can be improved?

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Hey James! Excellent question.

While I did attend a large number of conferences (and gave a talk on some of them myself!) I always had a problem with the fact that some (if not most) of them were freaking expensive.

Not gonna lie, living in Poland that was a part of my motivation to become a tech speaker - a free ticket and opportunity to travel.

I feel like virtual conferences are changing that, I'm glad that there will be more events that are accessible to a much larger audience. (Apart from money, there might be other reasons for not travelling to a conference - for instance needing to take care of family members)

I haven't attended a virtual conference yet myself but I gave a remote talk - it's IMHO a completely different experience. Even though the chat was full I kinda felt alone (because I was, there was no one else in the room).

As usual there are pros and cons and I think that those kind of events will get more popular, I cannot imagine anyone running a 2k+ people conference anytime soon.