AMA: I'm Tomasz Łakomy. Senior Frontend Engineer. Ask me Anything!

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I am an aspiring Frontend Engineer. I have made many side projects... I want to know how to prepare for it? I want to apply as a Frontend Engineer. I have a one-year experience, do I need to prepare for coding round also? Can you post some resources for preparation? What are the things that are asked during interview rounds?

Thanks for the AMA Tomasz Łakomy 😊

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Hey Amit!

That's a good question and one that many developers are interested in - "how do I land my first job as a developer?"

Unfortunately this is not easy - there's lots of aspiring developers so the competition is rather fierce.

While I haven't applied for a first job for a while, I can definitely say that side projects help a lot. When I'm interviewing someone for a junior frontend engineer position it's much easier for me if I have some projects to take a look at. Not everything will come up during the interview so it's great to have something prepared to showcase your skills!

When it comes to coding rounds during the interview I'd say - it depends. Every company is different but I'd personally definitely include a coding round in a junior frontend engineer interview. The thing I tend to ask are small exercises that don't take too long to implement but allow me to have opportunities for discussion about JavaScript with the person I'm interviewing.

In general I can say that the vast majority of frontend interviews focus on assessing the knowledge of JavaScript itself so focus on that while preparing for an interview.

When it comes to preparing for coding round, check out by a friend of mine - Yomesh Gupta.

Good luck!