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Witam, mam parę pytań: czy są plany likwidacji XMLHttpRequest? Jeśli tak to co zastąpi. Czy aplikacja webowa może zastąpić stronę intermetową Na czym najlepiej i najbezpieczniej stawiać stronę chodzi o coś poza WordPress? Jaką drogę kariery polecałbyś obecnemu uczniowi 1 klasy technikum o specjalności informatyk? Dziękuję

Hello, I have a few Q. is there are plans to deprecated or remove XMLHttpRequest? If so what replace it? Webapp can replace web page? What if we do not want WordPress what do we use instead to be safe and easy develop? What career path would you recommend to a current 1st grade technical technical student? T in adv,

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Hey Adam!

If you don't mind, for inclusion reasons I'll answer your questions in English:

  • There are no plans to deprecate XMLHttpRequest as this would straight up break the web
  • To be honest the difference between a web app and a webpage is rather blurry these days. Usually a webpage is something more static (like a blog, where you mostly read the content of the side) and a web app is an app built inside of the browser (Github is an excellent example)
  • Take a look at Netlify, although there's nothing wrong with building stuff on Wordpress, although Wordpress is not "cool" these days, it's absolutely, definitely a valid solution for building sites
  • If you're still studying I'd like to say that IMO English is the most important language in all of programming. What I mean by that is the vast majority of programming tutorials/courses/articles etc. are in English and since you're a student in Poland I'd 100% recommend you focus on that.

Don't disregard other classes of course :)

When it comes to career path for you - honestly, the world is changing so fast that I don't want to suggest you anything. The tech you may end up working on in 2028 may not exist yet 😅