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Ampstor, a NoCode Story-telling tool

Scrolling through my TL I saw a tweet from one of my favorite developer about a GDG Santa Clara meetup, i was not even excited about the topic because I did not know what it meant at that time. I was excited because I was going to interact with people of different culture, the time for the meetup was even 1am Nigerian time. Staying up was actually worth it because i learnt about an amazing tool which i'm going to talk about here.

First I'd start with talking about Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), in case you have not heard about it before AMP is an initiative to create attractive web pages that load quickly on mobile devices which is originally developed by Google. It has a modified version of HTML ( AMP HTML), a JavaScript library (AMP JS) and a caching library (Google AMP cache). It is actually an open source project to solve the problem of slow-loading mobile pages.

Ampstor is a NoCode tool for building stories as publishable web stories. Ampstor is powered by AMP so everything you publish is a verified AMP story page. You know how ads are sometimes annoying to users and they tend to avoid the site completely or install ad blockers, with Ampstor tool you can visualize your digital content into mobile-first tappable stories thereby providing an engaging experience for your users. Note that Ampstor is a free tool, interesting right! Here's how the visual editor for creating your web stories looks like:


I'd share briefly the benefits of using Ampstor:

  • Ampstor has free in-built templates and stock photography to use for your stories, if you want you can add your own images

  • You can integrate Google analytics Id and SEO making your brand visible on the web

  • The visual editor has branding colors and fonts that can make your web stories colorful

  • Free unlimited hosting for your web stories

  • Access to the HTML and JSON code

  • You can upload your web stories directly to your favorite social app or website.

So to get started using this tool is to register with Ampstor here : , and start creating web stories for free.

Here's a web story I created for the beautiful cities I want to visit, take a look:

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