And about money?

Hi folks!

And when you are kind of desperate about money? I mean, let start this text in another way.

I'm a frontend and backend developer, a really good self-learner, working with .NET since 1.0, Vue.JS since it's alphas, in love with the JavaScript environment. I am really doing good projects in the past years, involving a bit of everything: mobile with React Native, web api's with Node or .NET Core, portals, social networks, news, e-commerces, small blogs, big scripts.

At the same time, I have no job. Always looking for another project, another client, another run-interview-propose-mail-mail-mail-reject-mail-downsizing-accept. I am turing 33 this year, and being frankly, I don't even know how many years I can take in this path.

So, it comes my earlier question: and about money? I reeeealy love software developing, and I'll be doing it for myself even if I got a different kind of job. But now I want to cold down this freaky sprint I putted myself in.

In three simple questions, for who had pass what I am passing:

  • How do you make money fast, in a short time? Passive incoming, consuting, I really dunno
  • How do you get a good remote job, if you got it?
  • What's the plans for someone like me, in their 50's, 60's?
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PRESENTATION: Do you have a portfolio?

Can you show us the work you're capable of? How will it be delivered? Does it focus on concrete, hand-coded, examples for review by potential team members?

INSPIRATION: Can you show us something beneficial?

What separates you from the pack? Why should we contract/hire you? Will you present something that impresses us?

DEDICATION: What's the cost?

Are you willing to run a small business and work for peanuts? Would a full-time job more beneficial at the moment? How much personal time would be sacrificed to prepare and then produce, for either, if the opportunity arose?

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Do you have any examples of your coding, especially VueJS? :-) I don't know if this coming year will bring too much work on my shoulders and I need to ask someone to make components for me. And as I have family in law in Rio I wouldn't mind sending it in that direction :-) Sorry, no fulltime contract or promises unfortunately.

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Fast money? Consulting. But it requires either a great network to pool from, or a strong personal brand that people respect. People don't often post consulting gigs, it's that kind of job you score after drinking with some associates and showing expertise they need in a current project.

Fast-ish money? Bug bounties or short-term contract based projects. If you can whip out the product in a short time, stuff like a Wordpress website can net you $500 for 1-3 days of work depending on your pre-existing resources and skills.

That slow honey-like drizzle money? Write a book, create a subscription service for videos, referral/affiliate/ad-click money, etc. It's money that builds over time, but it does require minimal maintenance (upkeep, new content, fixes, marketing, etc).

Remote job? Hammer everyone and make sure you have a good online presence. If you have a great portfolio that's eye catching, great. If you have a Github packed with code that people can proof, awesome. Active on social media with other people? Do it. Anything that helps build your reputation and make you stand out.

Age is just a number. As long as you know what you're doing, you're a great team player, and you can actually perform -- people shouldn't really care (if they're cool 馃槑). Especially remote, you lose all the forced awkward social encounters around the office or small talk that magnifies the sense of age gap.

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I appreciate all your answers, I really do. For who asked me contact and portfolio, I'll be in touch privately. My week is in a hurry, trying to move on this mess, but you can, believe me, I'll take this options very seriously.

Thanks again folks!