Are there any good LESS/SASS Material Design frameworks that aren't based on React/Polymer/other-js-framework?

I really like material design. I also like how bourbon/neat architected their libraries based on mixins rather than class names. I was wondering if anyone has found a material design framework that is architected similarly ... and without dependency on a heavy js-framework.

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I strongly suggest Material Design Light:

  • developed and maintained by Google, the initial creators of Material Design.
  • uses SaSS
  • not based on/coupled with React/Polymer or any other JavaScript framework
  • easy to integrate. I'm using it in a project with Electron and it's working great so far.
  • not heavily js dependent.
  • strong browser support and It will be even more improved in an upcoming version 2.

The only cons (kind of) is MDL uses the BEM naming convention, which is very opinionated and not preferable for some.

If Material Design Lite is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other simiral libraries - Materialize, Material Foundation, Material Design for Bootstrap

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