Are you the Victim or Guilty of any Workplace etiquette blunders? Bring it on...

People working from Remote location or see their peers almost daily basis, have some expectations from them on Workplace Etiquette.

  • Are you a victim or guilty of any, where you would have felt, you can not tolerate 'this' or 'these' behaviors from your peer(s)?
  • How do you want them to behave otherwise?
  • Were you corrected ever by any of your peers on the same?

Couple of no-no I have that I can not tolerate are:

  • Talking in regional language when the third person doesn't understand it.. It is so very pissing of!!!
  • Forcefully budge in to interrupt some on going discussions without asking permission and start another thread.
  • Digging nose? Just kidding.. I don't see that at least in public..

What's your experience?

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