As a software developer, how to overcome "Jack of all trades, master of none" problem?

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Depends on what you're aiming in your future.

Being a jack of all traits works splendid for me and I enjoy to understand multiple language and systems.

I would recommend for you to try to get in a company where you like what they're doing and inside you can still decide what to do or just jump around who cares if you good at it.

Don't let the public opinion reduce your curiosity to know a lot of things.

For me learning concepts is more important than learning to use a specific language.

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Agreed, I imagine a lot of FS Devs are in this position.

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@ivyk Further to this I would also suggest that jack of all trades is better as tech/frameworks/languages constantly change and evolve - some will become deprecated and others will be created to suit the needs at that time