As a software developer, how to overcome "Jack of all trades, master of none" problem?

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I know how you feel. I worked as a consultant for a while and people would be like: hey, don't you want to do front end for my project? And I would be like: sure, what do you need? And it seemed like every new job was a different framework or set of tools... And so I stumbled along from project to project feeling like (perhaps read the article on imposter syndrome ) I didn't know anything; that I was a newbie all the time... Even though I was doing cutting edge stuff. And worst of all: I completely undercharged and underestimated my skills and abilities. But truth is, I could see a strain of development. I could see myself improving; and I started to see which areas I enjoyed and wanted to work in by my experiences. I identified a common thread throughout and understood: this is what I would like to specialise in. This is what I want to be good at. And I started to focus on those things. I am not recommending that this is a good way to do things, but I always find work as a javascript dev and I am really enjoying my current assignment 😊