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I am just starting with Amplify. It takes AWS profile to authorize and hides sensitive information from git with gitignore. How collaboration happens if some other developer has to contribute to the project by cloning(or forking)? How to assign limited access only for the project to others? Thanks.

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Hi Sumanth Yedoti! Glad to see you're getting started with AWS Amplify! To collaborate with others on your team, you can share a single environment ("dev"). Occasionally, you'll each need to pull changes into your local environment to keep it in sync.

For instance, if you've added authentication and pushed those changes to Amplify, your teammates will need to pull those changes to their environment using amplify pull.

You'll also need to make sure the team-provider-info.json file is shared between team members (this is not .gitignored by default) so they can push/pull to the correct project in Amplify.

Here is some more detailed information on this.

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As for your question about limiting access to an app, you can grant or restrict permissions using an IAM policy. Here is a list of the permissions used across all categories. You could add or remove based on which categories you want to allow the team to use in the app.