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Hey team, thanks for the AMA. What things a beginner should keep in mind when applying for a job at Amazon AWS? Do you have any tips to share?

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Hi James! I'm a hiring manager and I've interviewed so many folks at Amazon. In addition to what Straithe mentioned, one of the biggest tips is not to try to fake it when you don't know something. One of our Leadership Principles is Earn Trust, and I'd rather have someone say they don't know something than try to bluster their way through it.

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I'd also suggest keeping a "wins" list -- a list of your accomplishments. This could be your resume, but it's probably smaller day to day accomplishments that don't fit on your resume. It's a good motivator for yourself, but it's also something you can look back on when asked for more details.

Including numbers in your resume is important, too. This can show how much impact you can have to a company. As an example, instead of saying "Built web app to upload and share photos" say "Built web app to upload and share photos; Scaled it from 0 to 1000 active users in 3 months".