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Ask anything to Azure .NET Developer Advocates


Do you guys use anything apart from Microsoft products for coding? Imagine a personal project, what would you choose?

  • VSCode or Sublime/Atom?
  • Azure vs AWS/DO
  • Microsoft Surface or MacBook Air? πŸ˜€
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I used Atom before Microsoft, but when working with .NET I use Visual Studio a lot - the tooling is perfect for me there. I was converted to VS Code when I joined Microsoft. I still use Atom for a few other things (I don't want to abandon my Add-on setup I worked so hard on!), but mostly personal projects. I primarily use a Surface Book (Work computer), MacBook Pro and a PC I built myself that runs Windows 10. I'll most likely start a personal project on my PC, and continue on my MacBook if I want to work on it somewhere else, like a coffee shop.

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