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Ask anything to DigitalOcean Team

Digital Ocean is a fast-growing, New York-based cloud infrastructure provider. It is collaboration-focused, remote-friendly, and a flexible company. Grab this opportunity to ask them anything through this AMA.

Ask DigitalOcean Team about:

  • New Digital Ocean Spaces
  • Open Source @ Digital Ocean
  • Work life
  • State of Cloud computing
  • Object storage
  • Block storage
  • Digital Ocean Security

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25 discussions

Will Digital Ocean gift cards be available in time for Christmas?

Hi, Michael - unfortunately we do not have gift cards. But you can send your friends $10 in credit and earn $25 yourself (which you could share if you choose to :)

More info here:

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What degree(s) are most relevant to this field?

Do you have any plans to offer GPUs or "serverless" functions(like AWS Lambda)? Thanks for doing the AMA!

We're looking at both of these items, although no firm plans yet. Thanks for the question!

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What database backend stores filestructure in digital ocean places? And how is it designed?

For both block and object storage we use Ceph ( as our backend storage engine. The requirement of distributing copies of user data effectively while keeping them fully consistent was paramount to us. That and the fact that we like to use open-source tools throughout our stack (and contribute upstream whenever possible) led us to make this choice.

Regarding the design of Ceph, I like to point people to since it gives an overview of the internals very nicely. :)

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Thanks for doing the AMA, DigitalOcean!

Any plans on offering a database as a service product?

Based on the recent releases it looks like it should be the next move so people can easily move all their infrastructure to DO.

Thanks, Enric

Hi Enric - it's something we're evaluating as a potential future product offering. No concrete plans yet, though. Thank you for the question and feedback.

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are there any plans for backing up a snapshot of a droplet to one's local machine?

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