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Hi guys! Thank you so much for this AMA. I am a huge fan ❤️. Here are a few questions that I have:

  1. Where is Expo headed? How will it monetise the product considering it is free and open source? 💸

  2. What does it take to be a part of the Expo team? 😄

  3. Do you plan to implement an end to end solution where Expo provides a pipeline to the app stores directly? I am talking in the terms of a Continuous Delivery platform where my build will directly be pushed on the App Stores once it is ready. 🤔

  4. Right now anything I build in Expo has a file size of about 26 MB. I read on your website that "this is because Expo includes a bunch of APIs regardless of whether or not you are using them". Is this something which can be solved someday? 🗄

  5. What is your take on React Navigation Library? Even though it is the one recommended by Facebook, certain GitHub threads for it are simply rants. I also see @brentvatne actively contributing to it. Do you see it being the perfect RN Navigation solution in the future? 🧐

  6. What does Expo team do for fun fun? 🤪

  7. A few months back, Expo experienced a down time where users could not login. What exactly happened? How did you all deal with it? 😯

  8. Redux or MobX? 🤓

Thanks for making Expo. Cheers. 🍻

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Thank you so much, @ccheever and @brentvatne for your detailed responses. ☺️