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Cheese on top of meat vs below the meat!

What do you and npm support? 🤨

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I put this one to a vote inside npm: 100% of npm prefers Apple's burger to Google's. HOWEVER this does not end the controversy. Nobody was entirely happy with Apple's burger and the entire company then spent the next half hour arguing about how to fix Apple's burger. Everybody felt the lettuce belonged on top, guarding the bread from the tomato. The question was then where the tomato goes. Does it go right next to the meat? That's the best way to season the meat with tomato-ness. But the cheese needs to be on the meat to melt properly, so OMG the argument continued.

I personally resolve this by skipping tomato and just going for bun-meat-cheese-bacon-bun order.. This is the BMCBB stack. I recommend it to all javascript burger developers as a solid, time-proven tech stack to build any application on.

Also I will note that this one question brought everything inside the company to a halt. This is not the first time we've had a food-related internal schism, however. Don't ask any of us what you call the pastry that made with flaky croissant dough and chocolate.