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Hi Dan, you often say that the Redux is inspired by a few core ideas in Elm; could you give a brief on what parts of Redux were inspired by Elm?

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I would say that some aspects of Redux are similar to Elm Architecture ( In particular, Redux reducers are similar to "update" functions in Elm, and Redux combineReducers() is a helper for a pattern that is also used for creating a hierarchy of update functions on Elm. The major difference is that Elm Architecture is "fractal", that is, it usually describes hierarchical UI, and like React components, always nestable. In Redux, however, there is always a top-level "entry point" (store), and so some things inherently live on the top level (such as middleware). This makes it harder to reuse components coupled to Redux because they assume a specific top--level state shape, or a specific middleware. Elm Architecture also models complete UI, whereas Redux is typically used solely for the "model", and the role of UI is often given to React. The differences between React composition model and Redux also contribute to React/Redux being less cohesive as a whole than Elm Architecture. As for historical context, neither me nor Andrew fully understood Elm Architecture when we were working on Redux, and only realised the similarities post factum. Nevertheless we're happy to direct people interested in such patterns to Elm which is worked on by smarter people than us.