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When did you start realising that Redux was gaining popularity, and being used in production level apps? What were your feelings? What would be your advice for an open source aspirant?

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Front-end engineer at Facebook

I knew Redux would be popular pretty much the moment I saw Dan's original version. I had a semi-popular (at the time) Flux library called Flummox, so it would have been easy for me to be stubborn and deny the obvious benefits of a reducer-based Flux. In one of my proudest moments, I instead quickly deprecated Flummox and jumped on the Redux train. Zero regrets. I caught some flak for this (reasonably—I could have done a better job transitioning Flummox users to Redux) but it ended up being a great decision, both for me personally and for the Redux community as a whole.

So my open source advice is this: you are not competing against other libraries. Well, I mean, you are, but if you focus mostly on "beating" the other guys and gals, you're eventually going to fail. Work on finding the best solutions, regardless of whether that's by collaborating on someone else's project or starting your own.