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Looking back at the history of CSS & Sass, is there a list of new CSS features that you attribute to direct influence from Sass? For example, jQuery is credited with bringing things like document.querySelector() to JavaScript, after years of Sass how has it shaped CSS as a language?

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Honestly, not a ton. I mean, variables are an obvious example. And tons of things that were proposals, but if you look at how CSS is actually expanding as a language, it's generally not expanding as a "language", which has always been Sass' focus. CSS is expanding it's features with new selectors, new attributes, and new ways to integrate with browser-based JS.

We always hope and work with the W3C to help push Sass-like features that should be in the browser. For instance, we <3 Tab Atkin's CSS variables, not because they 'replace' pre-browser rendering, but because they allow users to work with browser-only constructs like 'em' units, etc. Something we just simply can't do until the font is chosen in the actual user's browser.

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Sass has inspired CSS Custom properties, the calc() function. There's a CSS @apply directive coming which is a barebones @include without mixin arguments. CSS will soon allow nesting. The ability to nest @media and @supports etc came first from Sass. The new CSS color module is inspired by Sass's color functions.

The CSS working group watches what we do here and reacts. That we're able to prove demand with Sass really greases the wheels in those discussions. For many years, the working group held that concepts like variables were just too complicated for CSS developers -- Sass showed them it wasn't. :eyeroll: