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Why SCSS? Just to make the Sass syntax easy or was there some other reason behind it?

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Oh, simple. SCSS is CSS compatible. So, if you are at a company, you can add Sass to your build-chain and coworkers who don't want to use it... don't have to!

Also, all of your old code works (as long as it was valid!)

Adoption was slower when you had to 'learn a new syntax'. SCSS made Sass just... CSS++

I use SCSS syntax now (it's the default), but I do really miss the +myMixin syntax.

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I can't speak as to why, but I can say that I would never have used Sass if it weren't for the SCSS syntax. It greatly eased the transition of the 1000s of lines of CSS we had.

Sass is so close to CSS that a new syntax, wildly different syntax, is a cognitive burden.