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Browsing Github issues we can find some hints that Vue 3 may show up in the upcoming future. What are the key features or changes that you consider and how do you imagine potential transition from Vue 2?

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Vue 3 is not going to be one of those "big change releases" - the main difference will be that Vue 3 only targets modern "evergreen" browsers (i.e. IE11 & below are out).

Resetting the browser support baseline gives the opportunity to:

  • Rewrite the reactivity system using ES2015 Proxies. This will get rid of almost all of the existing gotchas/compromises in the current reactivity system, and has potential to improve performance as well.

  • We can drop all the code dealing with compatibility issues and esoteric bugs in older browsers. This should shed some good amount of weight from the lib size.

This is really the main point - we strive to keep the public API close to 100% compatible, and v2/v3 will be maintained in parallel with feature parity until the older browsers completely phase out.

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