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Ask anything to Zurb Foundation

Foundation is the world's most advanced front-end framework. Made by ZURB, a design company in California, Foundation makes it easy to design beautiful responsive websites and apps that look amazing on any device. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible, and completely customizable. This framework is the result of building web products & services since 1998.

Ask Zurb Foundation about:

  • Foundation 6.4
  • Foundation 7
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • XY Grid
  • How to get involved
  • Webpack integration
  • Responsive web design
  • Front-end development
  • The future of the web
  • Accessibility
  • ZURB

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What an incredible AMA! Thank you all so much for spending your afternoon with us, we hope we were able to answer all your questions fully and share a few insights along the way. We want to extend a special thank you to our contributors and in particular, the Yetinauts who have been working incredibly hard to take Foundation to the next level. YOU GUYS ROCK! We’re stoked about the future of Foundation, and we’ll be sharing some of our thinking very soon our blog.

💻 Be sure to bookmark and check back frequently in the next few weeks for updates!

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📚 The best way to learn Foundation is directly from our team. We offer two live online courses that will build up the in-demand front-end development skills employers are looking for:

• Intro to Foundation:

• Advanced Foundation:

⁉️ If you have questions, want to get involved, or need help, feel free to reach out to us @ZURBFoundation on Twitter or through email: foundation (at) zurb (dot) com!

👋 Thanks again and keep in touch!

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When will Foundation 7 be out? What will be the key differentiators between 6 and 7? One of the major reasons to upgrade to 7 was flexbox grid. Why would one upgrade to 7?

Hi @ksharma1! We're targeting Foundation 7 for November 7 of this year... so it will launch on 11/7/17.

There are 2 major differentiators that will take Foundation 7 and set it apart, not only from Foundation 6 but from all of the other frameworks in the marketplace.

The first is to dramatically improve your freedom to shift between JavaScript frameworks with a super-powerful pluggable JavaScript architecture. UI Frameworks today tend to either go all in on one framework (e.g. Material is super focused on Angular) or have completely independent "ports" for different JS frameworks. The problem with the first is obvious - the JS ecosystem is diverse, and going all on 1 framework in dramatically limits your options. The problem with the 2nd (which is how Foundation 6 works) is that things tend to get lost or get inconsistent between ports. With 7 we're going to separate the state and "UI logic" from the dom manipulation, creating a simple interface for that, and make it simple to create a thin port of Foundation into any JS framework. We have some proof of concepts in development and are super excited about this.

The second major differentiator is going to be a shift to a full-on ITCSS based architecture, using SMACSS, with robust support for theming. This will make it far easier to build maintainable and extensible themes, sites, and design frameworks. Currently many frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and Material consist of both a design language and an implementation/tooling. With the theming, we want to give you the freedom to use the Foundation tooling, which is the best in the world, with the design language of your choice.

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Will there be a option to have embeds/videos move to the bottom corner of the webpage on scroll? Like how the videos work in the latest version of the docs?

Hey Bryan, I think that would make a great Building Block!

For those who don't know, we've got a great set of more advanced components that folks have built from ZURB and the whole Foundation community over at

It's all open source, so you can jump in and submit updates, ask for new building blocks using issues (Bryan do you want to add a request for the video one?), etc all in the github repo here:

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Will F7 use CSS Grid?

Hi Dimitri, We're SUPER excited about CSS Grid and want to use it as soon possible. Given the timeline for Foundation 7 (November of this year) we think it is unlikely that we'll be able to only use CSS Grid, as we doubt that browser support will have gotten to the point that all of our audience can use it.

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How can I join the framework you are building and make an awesome difference like you are?

It's pretty simple - just jump in on github ( and start contributing!

One of our all-star Yetinauts, Harry Manchanda, who was one of the biggest contributors to the 6.4 release, started out by filing an issue with a request for a feature. (well, actually around 10 different issues for features, he's pretty excitable... ;D) We thought one of the features was a good idea, and asked if he wanted to try to build it. He wasn't sure how, but we walked him through, and got him to his first PRs... quality was... not great... but he was open to feedback and so after some back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth - some of his early PRs have 100s of comments) he got it merged and got his start.

It is helpful if you're open to feedback and learning, but we try to be pretty nice too - no Linus Torvalds in this project. :P

For a little more breakdown of things to do to get started, some notes from Harry himself:

  • Fork the repo, Clone the repository. npm install and then npm start to start the repo’s docs locally.
  • Start with with ideas you have that you think foundation doesn’t have and will be great to have within the framework. New Features are what make the framework great
  • Help us with fixing bugs =>
  • Engage other folks and help them solve the issues they are facing
  • Help us in visual tests

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Thanks for introducing me to hashnode!

For how long will the the majority of websites stick to floating grids, before moving on to new methods like CSS Grid and flexbox? Is it just Browser Support that holds us back, or do developers just need more time to adapt it? Lemme hear your thoughts!

The extra effort you all put in with XY Grid is really appreciated. I'm looking forward to it!

This is a great question and something we're very passionate about. We're acutely aware that the old way of doing things (float based grids) were hacks when nothing better existed.

We've been using The Flexbox version of Foundation for UI and grids for over a year now. Most of our clients are totally on board for using the latest and greatest because Flexbox browser support is pretty good (and we use Autoprefixer in our projects).

That's right though - browser support and the need to learn it are the roadblocks we here. This is changing though over time because as with Mobile First, Sass, accessibility and more, Foundation has helped push new concepts and technologies forward.

We did a lesson on CSS Grids and there will more where that came from:

Look, Flexbox is easy to learn, saves headaches and time, and reduces code in most cases. We just kicked off a new lesson series on Flexbox:

You can subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the lessons here:

You can signup to get the lesson emails here:

Wow, I have a lot to say about this :) CSS Grid and Flexbox are the future and we're committed to helping people be more awesome by making these easy to get going on.

Love the question!

  • rafi

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