Best answers of the week: January 2019 (Week 1)

We've officially made it through the first week of 2019! Let's take a look at the answers which won many appreciations from the programming community.

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Coding bad practices

Sébastien Portebois's answer:

I'm going to add a little twist because my answer isn't language specific.
Red flag: Ambiguous/not obvious variable names
Programming language: Any
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Q: What should 'good communication skills' mean for a developer?

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Developer team discussion

Sai Kishore Komanduri's answer:

Let me preface this answer by applauding all of the excellent answers in here! :) They cover the most important aspects, usual suspects if you may.
I'll go ahead and split the aforementioned modes of communication into two main categories.
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Sandeep Panda's answer:

To me "good communication skill" means clarity of thought and the ability to explain your rationale succinctly.
When I am hiring I usually test for both written and verbal communication skills.
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Milica Maksimović answer:

In addition to what Sandeep Panda said, I'd also try to see how they respond to feedback regarding a given task, both positive and negative.
If people get angry or send a snappy comment, that usually means they don't take feedback and criticism well, and that makes it difficult to fit them in a team.
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Bhojendra Rauniyar answer:

Good communication skills doesn't mean that you should have fluent in speaking. It is what you understand and let understand others with your opinion.
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Q: Need advice: How do you write tests?

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How do you write test cases?

👑 Bhojendra Rauniyar's answer:

I have not written any test. But I see most of the developers write test for each single task. This is what I feel very bad. Because, task requirement may change in the middle. You'll need to write the test again and again.
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Vishwa Bhat's answer:

I'll highlight a conceptual information on unit tests first --- skip to last paragraph for the answer.
Unit tests are written to confirm the behaviour of an atomic logical task within its service boundary.
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Q: How are you building GraphQL APIs?

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How are you building GraphQL APIs?

Gijo Varghese's answer:

Built an entire application using Apollo GraphQL. However, GraphQL lacks a lot of features and tooling.
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Remco's answer:

I'm using Graphene (the python port) and stuck it behind Flask (web application server) which hides behind gunicorn (WSGI server, a python generic webapplication interface) which in turn is behind api-umbrella (an api reverse proxy).
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Q: What are some good podcasts for developers?

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What are some good podcasts for developers?

Girish Patil's answer:

List of podcasts I occasionally/regularly listen to & sometimes I look for random ones on internet.
Shoptalkshow by Dave rupert & Chris coyer.
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Kleo Petrov's answer:

I was a big fan of podcasts in the past. I could listen to them all day, non-stop. Eventually, my focus changed to reading, which for me was less time consuming and I was able to concentrate and memorize better. Also, taking notes is easier when reading.
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Q: Do you use LetsEncrypt for your production websites?

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Do you use LetsEncrypt for your production websites?

Gijo Varghese's answer:

Letsencrypt is really awesome. I've used it in a few sites. All working good. In their recent update, they allow wildcard ssl too. All over Letsencrypt is production ready!
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Q: Share what you're listening to while working 🎶

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Share what you're listening to while working 🎶

Mark's answer:

Epic music. It's non-vocal, so less distracting. Classical music isn't 'energetic' enough to drown out noises.
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Q: HTML 5.2 - Why?

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Tommy Hodgins's answer:

The HTML spec says that the <dialog> element is for:
part of an application that a user interacts with to perform a task, for example a dialog box, inspector, or window.
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Q: What are the key difference between ReactNative and NativeScript?

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ReactNative and NativeScript

Loke Carlsson's answer:

Perhaps most significant difference is that with React Native, like the name suggest, is bound to React while with NativeScript you have the option to choose between either TypeScript, Javascript (ES6), Angular or Vue.
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Q: What do developers wear for an interview?

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What do developers wear for an interview?

Matthew Cory's answer:

Personally, I've always done the whole suit and tie thing. Maybe a colored shirt and a patterned tie. But I've also given interviews to people wearing business casual and I really don't care about that either way.
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Q: What are the requirements for becoming a full stack developer?

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Nikhil Rangpariya's answer:

1: Learn basic HTML - code up basic pages, link between them, etc.
2: Deploy your HTML site to production - a hosting provider, heroku, etc.
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