Best resources to prepare for technical interviews? (Software Engineering)

I’m a rising senior aiming to go into software engineering after graduation, and currently preparing for full-time recruiting. I’ve spent many hours on Leetcode, CTCI, HackerRank, and similar sites to hone my algorithm solving skills.

The next step in the interview prep is to find a good mock interviewing platform, but I can’t seem to find any. Only one I heard of is SoftwareTrain ( ) , but they’re new so don’t know much about them. Do you guys know of any?

Please comment on this thread the mock interview resources you guys are using for software engineering interviews

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I don't know any interview platforms.
But hopefully the following will help:

  1. Check linkedin/company website for about the company and about the people interviewing you/what the people in charge are like.
  2. Check the stack you'll be working with then do some brush up on common interview questions/fun facts or whatever really - just show you know at least a little about stuff.
  3. Make sure you know your strengths and your weaknesses - not just Oh, my weakness - well I guess I'm a perfectionist. Say something real like I get the small things wrong sometimes, but the complex stuff is always on point.
  4. Compile your list of questions you want them to answer.
  5. If you get bad vibes in the meeting, just use it as practise, you'll always be in a better position by practising.
  6. Always be polite, dress well and most importantly show them a bit of personality, it's good to show them who you are.
  7. Ask if there's any reason why you wouldn't get the position. Maybe not in your first job but after that go for it! It makes sure people are not wasting time.