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Case about Union Crews app

sdggs.png The client, Union Crews, helps film crews create new contacts by offering an interactive platform that spreads awareness about their skill sets, helping them get noticed by hiring department heads.


The client wanted a comprehensive iPad Web Application for a crew management system that could be managed by department heads, and accessed by crew members. The system would not be limited to any particular organization, but needed to allow multiple organizations to use it. Another important requirement of the client was a logo that was compatible with the business concept, and that projected solid credibility.Above all, the application had to be compatible not only with the iPad, but also with the desktop and laptop.


  • Ensuring that the logo design was an extremely professional visual representation of the company, and guaranteeing that both the logo, and the interactive design, appealed to the sensitivities of the iPad users.
  • Implementing visually stunning page transition and animation effects, using jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3, to make the app more interactive and engaging.
  • Ensuring that the web application is primarily iPad compatible, but can also be accessed from the desktop/laptop.
  • Developing custom controls for maintaining iPad and desktop compatibility.
  • Implementing advanced search capabilities based on various criteria, including location name, state name, zip code, radius, crew members, department heads, production assistants and vendors.
  • Implementing Google Maps direction API, allowing users to get directions from their current locations to the vendors’ location, integrated with a movable marker.
  • Making sure that the application gives certain rights to the crew members, including allowing them to find vendors, helping them customize their profile, and enabling them to set their availability.
  • Developing and integrating certain department head specific features, giving them full control of finding help and vendors; allowing them to email vendor lists to crews; enabling them to create, organize and manage projects; and customizing the profile.
  • Implementation of a ‘Working Hours Management’ feature, to allow crew members to reset their availability.
  • Implementation of 'posts management' features, with a 'questions and answers' system.
  • Implementing pagination management for iPad.
  • Integration of a user profile creation and management system, with multiple attributes and affiliate IDs.


Offingapp seamless execution was based on its in-depth understanding of the client’s requirements, and a high degree of technical competency with the iOS platform. Our approach to project development revolved around the cornerstones of requirement gathering and analysis, resource allocation, risk management, and the use of the most viable software and technology. This approach allowed us to ensure that the web application was not only iPad and desktop compatible, but that its features didn’t lose any of their functional excellence on either platform.


Offingapp efforts led to the mobile app development of an advanced iPad web app that helps crew members look for opportunities on the go. It helps them make quick decisions, based on their availability and the projects posted. The application also offers department heads a comprehensive platform for posting projects. It acts as a perfect platform to enable crew members to find projects that they can work on, and helps department heads hire crew members. This is accomplished through a dashboard that is a perfect mix of interactivity and functionality. The advanced search capability of the application helps users locate vendors and crew members with precise accuracy. The features driven iPad web app is also compatible with the desktop and laptop.

Technical Details

The application was developed using LAMP Technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). We also utilized jQuery Mobile, HTML 5, CSS3, CSS Animation, Google Maps Direction API, and Ajax, to ensure that the project met with all client specifications.

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