A daily Ubuntu user here (switched from Windows)

I've been a big fan of Ubuntu since 2008. I constantly switch between Windows and Ubuntu. After 10 years, looking back I see that Windows and MacOS have grown much much better in UI/UX when compared to Ubuntu.

Why I hate Ubuntu

I always keep up to date with the latest versions of Ubuntu. Still, I'm facing a lot of problems

  • Hard to find drivers
  • Lacks development tools. Whenever I search for tools like Client for Postgres, Git GUI, most of the popular software says "Download for Windows/MacOS". All of my colleagues use Mac (it works!) :(
  • Getting WiFi is still painful after 10 years of Ubuntu experience
  • "Ubuntu Software" is buggy as always
  • Poor UX, constant switching between GNOME and Ubuntu One. I appreciate Windows on their speed of improvements in UX
  • Hard for non-techies to install software, configure something

Why I'm still using Ubuntu

  • Can't afford a Mac
  • Super fast in running projects (react, node) when compared to Windows
  • I get the exact environment as in server (we use Ubuntu in all servers, it works great!)

PS: I'm switching to Mac very soon

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Gijo Varghese

It depends on what you are doing more. If you use heavy IDEs like JetBeans or XCode or then VSCode, and also if you want to run the virtual machine of Linux or Windows.

  • If you only play with git, Postgres and with few heavy IDES like JetBeans apps, VSCode and XCode and lightweight text editors like Sublime Text and to upgrade the RAM, the SSD and add a HDD and do not care about the old Apple computers:

    • Core i7
    • 16GB RAM
    • SSD of 125GB
    • HDD of 500GB
    • Years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
    • Do not buy the 2017s Apple computers.
  • If you want to run the virtual machine:

    • SSD of 256GB
    • HDD of 1 or 2TB
    • Same years
  • If you do not care about upgrading the parts, just do not run the virtual machine, do not save too much on the SSD, use ones apps and save on the external HDD/SSD.

As you are from India, it is hard to find and buy a MacBook Air with these specifications. You need to get a MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and Core i7, and then you can upgrade to 16GB RAM.

I do not know any Indian technology shop sites that sell refurnished/second-hand MacBooks Air. I know only Aliexpress and eBay. As at the Aliexpress, the MacBooks Air are in China, you will find only the latest MacBook Aires unless you want to use 16GB RAM and to add a second HDD/SSD.

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