What techniques or tools do you use to keep track of your short and long term goals?


Great question!

For my personal goals, I use a combination of the Passion Planner framework for planning long-term goals (you can find a pdf and check out the first few pages with the framework here and get the physical planner here) and the Things app for tracking daily todos. Passion Planner's framework helps you prioritize goals and not try to do too much at once. I've also used the physical passion planner, and it really helps keep you on track.

At work, the best system for setting goals and getting the whole team on board with what needs to be done to accomplish them are Intel's OKRs. I'd sincerely recommend using OKRs to any and every organization.

How to get started with OKRs:

Once the quarterly goals are set (they can be shared with the team in a GitHub repo), you can use any project management tool to keep track of milestones and todos. I've used Trello for content management and Basecamp for tracking other important projects and tasks.

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