In order to level up what should a beginner web developer learn after getting the basics of JavaScript?


First off. Read Vishwa Bhat's reply. Very good, simple advice.

I'll go a bit further with topics and things to look into.

Learn all of this

JavaScript Promises - This is how you deal with asynchronous calls to API's which you will do at some point and time in your career, there is no avoiding this. Learn promises and everything there is about them. Think about these in your sleep.

NodeJS/Express/SQL - Build yourself a little server that connects to an SQL database and performs some simple queries. You're not a well rounded JavaScript developer until you've understood how data gets queried from the database. If you're looking for an extra challenge, learn about "Error First Callbacks", its a standard amongst NodeJS developers and makes your code more performant. Even some of the best NodeJS developers lack a solid understanding of this design pattern.

JavaScript Framework - Learn one. Any one. Just pick one, and learn it well. I recommend VueJS as its pretty friendly for beginners. React is also good, but the learning curve is a little more steep. Angular is out there, and is a perfectly fine first framework. Learning a framework is a huge level up.

JavaScript Test Frameworks - Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Jest. Pick one, learn it. Test your damn code. Period.

Let's pick up this conversation 1.5 years from now :D

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