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We are discussing migrating two of our vanilla JavaScript projects to TypeScript. Our plan, for now, is the following:

  1. Evaluate the impact of introducing TypeScript into the projects.
  2. Create the necessary design documents and migration steps.
  3. Do a spike (research) with a simple Proof-Of-Concept.
  4. Present the results to the project managers and owners.
  5. Organize the work between the involved developers.

Other than that, I'm in the middle of organizing an internal 4 days dev conference aimed at Front-End and JavaScript Development. If everything goes fine, we plan to open it to the public.

As for development - I'm working on integrating a new payment method to our payment gateway, which includes dashboard integration and data visualization in our in our Angular 7 project with settlements generation, orders information, administration, and configuration. Additionally, I'm including order processing in our embedded widget (vanilla JS) using our own JavaScript SDK.

Also, I'm starting a new side project - an onboarding application, aimed at helping new hires get on track faster and easier. Onboarding has been a struggle for our HR and People Development Teams, so it's a good opportunity for me to help them.

That's great! It might be interesting to open up the onboarding platform for other companies if it works out well for you.

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