What is your favorite programming book?


hello, startup by Yevgeniy Brikman

Surprises me that I've never seen this book mentioned anywhere, let alone on anyone's list of "must reads". It popped up as a recommendation on Amazon after it was released in 2015, and I am so grateful that I added it to my cart that day.

The "Choosing a Tech Stack" chapter is something I think every developer should read. Highly recommend the book, even if you're not into startups.

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That's the one!

I decided to purchase it as an introduction to startups and the idea of MVP's. My first two reads of the book (I've read it 3-4 times now), I completely skipped the middle section on Technologies because I'm an experienced developer/dba/server admin and figured it would be of least value to me personally. Thankfully, I don't have the mindset of "I already know that" and did eventually go back to read the section that I had skipped twice before.

Surprisingly, it ended up being the most valuable section of the book for me! Mostly because it validated my thoughts and feelings about web development that I had expressed several times over the years, only to get shot down by others.

It's quite frankly, a book I wish I could have thumped a few bosses, team leads, and senior devs over the head with throughout my career ;)

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