๐Ÿ“ข Community Q&A - How should we monetize Hashnode/Devblog?

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Sandeep Panda,

Thanks for putting out all the points for discussion.

  • Buying HashNode a cofee? Why Not? It is cool that, HashNode doesn't have plans for any paywall and $2 is perfectly fine for a Premium service.
  • Recruitment is tricky and a platform to support Recruitment could be more trickier if not done right and not supported enough by the community around. I like the courage in thinking on this line. Appreciate!
  • Training and Courses: This is the most loved one for me. I would be all happy if HashNode provides this platform. Here also we can have a free vs premium concept so that, it is not fully discouraged thinking it is paid.
  • Ads? Nope!

All the best to you folks, doing great job!

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I can honestly see a lot of benefits to making the platform costs a couple of bucks a month, better support, more of a true filter. I like the idea. You've got my vote.