📢 Community Q&A - How should we monetize Hashnode/Devblog?

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My opinion-

[Devblog] Buy us coffee - Flat charge and worth paying for any user ✅

[Hashnode] Recruitment - Yes valid, and this can be done with share based model with organizations✅

[Hashnode] Marketplace - Two way process we need to do good amount of validation before we jump✅

[Devblog] Training and Courses - Worth making but Hashnode team has to makesure they have good content because if content comes to concern it directly impacts the platform not the individuals. This again involves validation ✅

[Devblog] Revenue Sharing via ethical ads-A big no for this, because I feel this idea will kill our current or upcoming user base. ❌

I have placed points in an order of acceptance by user.