๐Ÿ“ข Community Q&A - How should we monetize Hashnode/Devblog?

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thank you for the invitation. In general, I agree with Hipkiss. The ideas are great, however knowledge should be free and ads are a no-go (because everyone here uses an adblocker anyway and you as the team promised us a 99% ad-free experience in the past).

What other alternatives are there? Here's some wild brainstorming:

  • Premium accounts on Hashnode
    • Pro: People can unlock "fancy features" and support Hashndoe if they want
    • Pro: Model successfully used by other platforms as well
    • Contra: Fancy features might be distracting
    • Contra: Might not be enough incentive to spend money on
  • HaaP (Hashnode as a Platform). This is a feature I also mentioned in my interview: Provide Hashnode for other subjects than code development and host it for a fee per usage, or get payed for providing an on-premise server container. Might need adapters to other software, though (for example LDAP)
    • Needs good marketing
    • Needs good support
    • Needs bridges to other software
  • Provide statistics and insights for money: how many people viewed posts in a certain node, how many posts were created, which new tags are hyping, etc.
  • Micro-Transactions for features, for example "Feature this question for $10"
  • Bounty-Programs for questions, which give a percentage to Hashnode
  • Hashnode Mentoring Platform. I am a mentor on another platform, on which mentees pay money for mentors, but the platform keeps a certain percentage. Hashnode already has a platform with a user-base (mentor-candidates and mentee-candidates included), so this might take off quickly. Mentors might provide subscriptions or single-sessions
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Thanks for the mention :).
Love the last two ideas! I like the HaaP too. Thanks for the link to your profile too, guna have to have a look at that site!