Creating an HTML Email is such a pain in 2016! What's the best way to create one?

Hey guys, I have been struggling to create a simple and clean HTML email. Is there a standard way of designing HTML newsletters?

Do you agree that W3C should create a standard for all email clients? It's 2016 and we still don't know how to create HTML emails!!

Please suggest me the best way to get rid of this.

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I agree there should be some kind of standard for this, or at least better support for basic stuff and better (basic) CSS support in email clients.

For now, keep the layout and code as simple as possible, so less can go wrong :)

Mailchimp has lot of developers resources as I recall so check their site.

Oh and this is very handy:

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Ah, I remember those terrible days of designing emails. However, with 2016, we see my beloved Foundation 6. They offer ready-made templates to kick off your design. This is not quite a detailed answer, but I guess it should help:

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It's good to check their code to see how they work. :) That's what we all do anyway!

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Agree! There should be some standard guidelines for emails clients.

Since we are talking about HTML emails in 2016, here are some good free resources that I generally use:

Design and Export Emails (Free)

Inline and minify emails

Test Emails

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I don't do often E-Mail design, but when I do, I use the grunt-email-workflow

It is super neat. You can style the e-mails with sass and the templates are made with handlebars, so you can work easily with partials and components.

The grunt task compiles your sass to css, handlebars to html and then inlines the styles automatically.

You can also add some cnd to it will upload images etc to it and you can add a mailgun api key so you get tests emails. Or test them with Litmus,

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Standards stand in the way of, and block progress. If you stay away from video, animation and bitmap only mails one can create html email templates that have no problems at all in major clients. That's i.m.h.o. a matter of skills. And don't forget the reason that clients block many "fancy" things you want to do with email: because people don't necessarily want an animated backdrop. That's just the marketeers that send them ;-)